We have a new champion in Vietnam. Last Saturday, EVOS esports took on veteran team Gigabyte Marines for the crown and the right to represent the newly-formed region at the MSI Play-Ins. It was a nail-biting, action-packed Best-of-Five that eventually crowned EVOS the winner.  We managed to sit down with the manager To Hoang Dung for an interview after their win.

First of all, congratulations on your win against GAM. We know it was a hard-fought BO5 series, what were your thoughts on the match?

I feel that we had a perfect showdown against GAM and now, EVOS has proven that it is the most powerful team for this season.

Also, we always ban Swain.

You will be proceeding towards the MSI playoffs in Berlin. GAM made a huge statement in that tournament last year. Seeing that GAM has passed the torch to you, how do you feel and what are your expectations in MSI 2018?

We will prepare very carefully for the play-ins and will show that the victory against GAM was not luck. We will do our best to get to the group stage for MSI 2018 and aim to at least finish top 4.


There are many regions in the world who will most certainly keep an eye out for EVOS. Without giving anything away, what can we expect from the best team in Vietnam at MSI?


Vietnam is home to many strong junglers like Levi and Sofm. What makes Vietnam Junglers so good and how do you feel about YiJin, who is the Rookie of the Split?

I feel that the focus is not actually on the jungle, but the Mid lane instead (WARZONE). There’s probably no particular link between Vietnam and good Junglers but pressure control is what’s important. We believe that we handle that perfectly.

VCS most recently broke away from the GPL and as you already know, ASC will be participating in the MSI play-ins as well. What are your thoughts on that team?

ASC is a strong team, given the opportunity, I would like to thank ASC for the help/training they have provided us that brought us thus far. If we ever meet during MSI 2018, EVOS will still take the challenge to prove who the best in SEA is. 

Many teams in the GPL strive to do as well as Vietnam, what kind of advice can you give these aspiring teams?

Believe in yourselves, bond with your team and train/scrim regularly. You must believe in esports; that this is not just a game. Last but not least, wake up in time for the match. Just ban Swain in Patch 8.5.

 What are the teams that you would like to face at MSI this year?

We want to face Team Liquid because they have good players and we really respect DoubleLift.

Is there anything you would like to say to fans all across the world?

Thanks to all fans who watch our games and supported us. We will prepare to put up a good fight at MSI 2018.

Finally, Warzone has to do 1000 pushups since he won against GAM today. Will there be a video of that to show the world?

Wait for it. This is just another normal workout day for him.

Thank you so much for the Interview. Game Is Hard wishes you all the best at MSI 2018!

EVOS esports will be waiting on their contenders to face off against them in Round 2 of the MSI Play-Ins alongside the LMS team. MSI Play-Ins in Berlin will commence on May 5th 2018.