League of Legends Worlds 2017 is definitely a much more eventful tournament than the predecessors. We have stories coming in such as the near-dethroning of SK Telecom T1 by both Royal Never Give Up and Misfits, the actual dethroning of SK Telecom T1 by Samsung Galaxy, the North America Week Two special, Fnatic’s miracle 0-4/4-0 run and many more.

With that being said, let’s look into the top players that made this Worlds an interesting event.

Top lane

Best Role Player:

Samsung Galaxy CuVee

Samsung Galaxy’s Cuvee is a standout player who has brought out the best in his team. Boasting of the 3rd place GPM at 407 and 3rd highest CSM at 9.1 speaks of his laning strength, but what truly stands out is his extremely high %Dmg of his team at 24.9% and his WPM at 0.66. His stats are second to only SK Telecom T1’s Huni and Longzhu Gaming’s Rascal, the latter who has only played one game at Worlds, and he has been key in creating small leads even despite an unfavorable matchup.



Runner Up:

Team Solomid Hauntzer

Team Solomid’s Hauntzer was a shining light in what was an unexpected tragedy for the team. Despite going 3-4 and being eliminated in group stage, Hauntzer still has a strong showing, standing 5th among Top laners in both CSM  (8.7) and GPM (377), while holding 4th in %Dmg (24.4%). He has been key in a struggling Team Solomid’s victories where his Gnar plays closed the door for his opponents.




Best Playmaker:

SK Telecom T1 Huni

SK Telecom T1’s Huni was one of the key members of his team. Boasting of the strongest stats of any starter, standing 1st in GPM (410), CSM (9.4), %Dmg (25.9%), Huni is credited with creating pressure for teammates Faker and Bang to farm throughout the map, leading to their impressive creep scores. His Jayce drew bans while his role as a splitpusher on Gnar and Trundle has also been largely successful. One might remember his insane Gnar plays or his Trundle trying to fight off the squad of Samsung Galaxy in the final game of the series, and he stands here because of his audacity and skill.


Runner Up:

Fnatic sOAZ

Despite his unfortunate performance in Week 1, sOAZ has to have this spot. As the key member of Fnatic, the veteran has more or less done the exact same plays as Huni, except on a lower scale. The reason why he isn’t as impressive is because of his stats at the bottom half of the table, but it will be remiss if we failed to notice what was essentially a solo kill through four members of Royal Never Give Up, on Letme’s Cho’gath, or his amazing plays that created even an opportunity to challenge the best teams of the world.




Best Role Player:

Samsung Galaxy Ambition

It is difficult to give anyone else but Samsung Galaxy’s Ambition credit for this. As a consistent shotcaller of his team, he has led them to their impressive showing and playstyle where they slowly starve their opponents of any opportunities for a comeback. Despite his middling score in WPM and WCPM, Ambition has been important in creating map pressure that ensures that Samsung’s control wards stay much longer, enabling their playstyle.



Runner Up:

Samsung Galaxy Blank

SK Telecom T1’s Blank holds the top WPM stats and the Runner up for the best role player of this year’s Worlds. He works as an enabler, sacrificing his own gold and farm in order to push advantages for his laners, and yet he still manages to show up in later teamfights and maintain his impact on the game. SK Telecom manages to maintain their gold lead despite losing objectives, and Blank is one key reason of how it happened.



Best Playmaker:

Royal Never Give Up Mlxg

Royal Never Give Up’s MLXG may not be the best jungler here, but he certainly is one of the showiest. Bringing in his pick on Lee Sin and a game on Nocturne shows that he and his team are not afraid to bring on the early game, but what truly shows his impact on the map is his multiple baron steals across several games, or certain plays that just showed how much thought was put into each action, such as his Jarvan’s interupt of Rekkles’ Rocket Jump.



Runner Up:

Gigabyte Marines Levi

Gigabyte Marine’s Levi is a player that shows just how much he disregards the meta. The holy trinity of junglers, Jarvan, Sejuani and Gragas has only been picked once by him, with the rest of his games on assassins or carries with one exception of his Cho’Gath flex. He has shown a big preference for Kayn, but one may remember his ridiculous first game where he pulled off a five minute Nocturne Ultimate against Fnatic with his team’s help in a laneswap scenario.



Mid Lane:

Best Role Player:

World Elite Xiye

World Elite’s Xiye is truly an embodiment of a role player. Boasting of 9 different champions across 15 games, Xiye has played damage dealers, roamers, assassins and carries alike. Despite a middling CSM (9.2) score, Xiye holds the second highest GPM (416) due to his team’s objective control and teamfighting skills. As one of the core members of World Elite, he has fulfilled his team’s need, before falling short against the eventual World Champions.



Runner Up:

Samsung Galaxy Crown

Samsung Galaxy’s Crown is slightly more rigid, but just as crucial to his team as Xiye. With a heavy preference for Malzahar and Taliyah, Crown’s job on his team is to allow his team’s Marksman Ruler to do his job, and thus allowing Samsung Galaxy to starve out their opponents. Crown was surgical in his play, either by locking down key opponent picks on his Malzahar, or just cutting the enemy team from even fighting on his Taliyah, securing objectives for just his ultimate.



Best Playermaker:

SK Telecom T1 Faker

Where else should this be, besides on the Demon King’s head? SK Telecom T1’s Faker holds on to this spot as spot, because despite his willingness to facilitate his team, his playmaking prowess are stronger. His 5 games against RNG led to his 5 Galio picks, and from those games he has roamed and created advantages each game. Against Misfits, he was instrumental in finally putting the nail in the coffin.



Runner Up:

Misfits PowerOfEvil

This award goes to Misfit’s PowerOfEvil. Surprisingly as one of the most consistent member of his team, PowerOfEvil has provided his teams with avenues to prosper, such as his Karma pick to allow teammate IgNar to play playmaking support such as Blitzcrank and Leona, and his strong showing as the 4th highest %DMG (28.4%) despite middling GPM (384) and CSM (8.8). PowerOfEvil is a wildcard thrown out from a team that was not expected to see quarterfinals, yet beat the odds to reach there.




Best Role Player:

Samsung Galaxy Ruler

Undeniably, this award would go to Samsung Galaxy’s Ruler. As the most reliable player, Ruler has been the epitome of Marksmen here at Worlds – he rarely ever dies. Holding second place for lowest deaths at 1.1 per game, Ruler has been insane at staying alive despite all the attention he gets from the opponents. Partial credit goes to his team for keeping him alive, but then there were plays where he does the unthinkable and goes straight in – avoiding death or creating plays despite his extremely low death count.



Runner Up:

Cloud 9 Sneaky

Cloud 9 Sneaky shows his face here as he boasts of one of the strongest AVG DPM at 750, despite having little to no jungle attention. What is really impressive is the fact that he brings a low GPM (416) and CSM (9.3) to the table, showing that he is one of the lowest econ Marksman out there, despite having the record for highest DPM in a game at 1781, and in general having lower priority on his team than star player Jensen.



Best Playmaker:

Royal Never Give Up Uzi

Coming into Worlds as the best Marksman, and going out as one, is Royal Never Give Up’s Uzi. He brings about the Chinese aggression and shows for it with his 10.6 CSM and 463 GPM, 2nd among all Marksmen, and boasts of a whopping 38.5% damage of his team. Having Xiaohu to alleviate pressure while Uzi does his thing certainly helped him being one of the primary Tristana players, but Uzi has also brought out his trademark Vayne to Worlds.



Runner Up:

World Elite Mystic

Mystic of World Elite holds the other spot for best playmaker. A low econ version of Uzi, Mystic actually holds a higher AVG DPM at 752 despite middling scores in GPM (437) and CSM (9.7). What stands out is his audacity to charge up on his Juggermaw, where despite getting caught against Cloud 9, took down Sneaky before falling to stall a game for a victory which was vital in stopping Cloud 9’s run.




Best Role Player:

Samsung Galaxy CoreJJ

Samsung Galaxy’s CoreJJ is the unsung hero for his team. While teammate Ruler’s ridiculous survival skills were there, CoreJJ was the other half that made sure he stayed alive. Playing a part in his team’s strong vision game, he holds the record for highest WCPM at 0.33, while keeping his wards safe stifles his WPM somewhat.



Runner Up:

Longzhu Gaming GorillA

One half of the best bot lane in the World shows up here as Longzhu’s GorillA. Holding one of the highest [email protected] (290), GorillA has played well he took down his opponents by creating leads and benefiting off them, but his performance is slightly suspect due to the fact that until his 0-3 defeat, they had a 6-0 run. Longzhu was certainly a strong team, but their lack of exposure might have been their downfall, as fellow Korean teams suffered throughout the group stages before growing into something stronger.



Best Playmaker:

Misfits IgNar

Without a doubt, this award goes to Misfits IgNar for pulling out the most audacious plays. As one of the few players who brought up the playmaking supports from Blitzcrank to Leona, IgNar created plays to even fight against SK Telecom T1, the clear favorites by a wide margin, bringing it to a Game 5. Among other stats, IgNar also holds the top WPM (1.44) and 2nd highest WCPM (0.33) to claim his spot here.




Runner Up:

SK Telecom T1 Wolf

The other award goes to SK Telecom T1’s Wolf. Despite a lackluster overall performance, one cannot deny that he was the lynchpin in SK Telecom T1’s wins during group stages, converting huge disadvantages into chances to win, such as his amazing Rakan engage onto EDward Gaming in week 1 to secure SK Telecom’s victory. His willingness to learn from competitor IgNar shows as he has brought up counterpicks to IgNar in Braum and Tahm Kench, as well as followed the Blitzcrank and Leona picks to try for a victory.



Conclusion of Worlds 2017

As Worlds 2017 conclude, these players have the standout performances in their bid to win the title of World Champions. They will have a resting period before the new season starts, where they will once again try to rise to the top, and claim their coveted prize.

Images are taken from lol.gamepedia.com

Statistics are taken from gamesoflegends.com