There was a lot of hype last year when KT Rolster made a Super Team. Despite not making it to Worlds, they committed to staying together for another season. Out of hibernation, Rush too was added into the mix.

Kingzone-Dragon X (formerly Longzhu Gaming) and KSV (former Samsung Galaxy) kept their squads intact as well. So with less roster changes this year, is 2018 LCK more stacked than last?

We’ll find out as the season plays out, starting with a titanic second week. If it thrills you to see super teams clash, here’s 3 reasons why you’re in for a treat:

1. We’re getting 6 straight days of LCK

This week’s schedule is unusually special. Starting from 23 Jan (Tue), we’ll have 6 straight days of LCK until Sunday. That means 12 matches and potential maximum of 36 games!

Plus if you haven’t heard already, color caster PapaSmithy is working on both OGN and SPOTV’s broadcasts, so tune in for quality streams.

LCK Spring 2018 Week 2 Schedule

LCK Spring 2018 Week 2 Schedule 2

LCK Spring 2018 – Week 2 schedule (Credit: LoL Esports)

2. KT vs. SKT

It’s only week two, but it’s already here: Feast your eyes on the Telecom Wars between KT Rolster and SK Telecom T1 this Wednesday!

None of these teams have been convincing, however. They both might have won a series each, but they’ve both also dropped another. KT Rolster was taken to three games by Afreeca Freecs, while SKT slugged it out against JAG, both losing the series. Even though KT defeated MVP 2-0, it wasn’t without struggles in the late game.

Will an SKT-in-progress-of-rebuilding – with Wolf jungle (?) – be enough to win yet another Telecom War against the same, old KT?

3. Kingzone vs. SKT

Get ready for a 2017 Summer finals rematch, this time with a twist. Peanut will face his former teammates in a clash of blue vs. red, laughter vs. seriousness.

KZ Peanut Interview

KZ Peanut (Credit: KZ Twitter)

Back in 2016, SKT’s junglers Blank and Bengi especially read Peanut’s pathing like an open book. The way they beat ROX was through taming Peanut. With Blank possibly not starting, and with bengi as coach, will SKT still have what it takes to deal with KZ Peanut? Or will Khan run them down all over again?

Catch the matches lives on Twitch (LCK1) or LoL Esports YouTube.