If you thought that Team Liquid’s recent Glacial Comp against Team SoloMid was cool, you haven’t seen Lowkey Esports (LK) play a burning hot demon comp against Team Flash (FL) in the Vietnam Championship Series (VCS).

For the uninitiated, A full demon comp provides 60% chance to burn the enemy’s mana on hit in League of Legends’s recently introduced Teamfight Tactics. While the bonuses do not apply in Summoner’s Rift, it sure seemed like it did.

LNK’s Elise executed tower dive after tower dive to net three kills from the bottom lane.

From then on, it was a complete shutout as LK ended the game with a 16 – 3 scoreline. Apparently, Demon Synergy is still broken despite its nerfs.

If that wasn’t enough, LK followed up with a Glacial Comp in the next game and then a Yordle comp the next. Both didn’t find as much success against Team Flash. But it was definitely a sight to behold.

Granted, the top four teams had been more or less locked into the playoffs, LK vs FL was more of a battle for playoff seeding. However, being able to pull off such strategies in competitive play is exactly why people watch the VCS.

Do check out LK’s amazing game 1 here.