Day 2 of Groups opened with Team Solo Mid against Flash Wolves. The stiff competition in Group D set the tone for the rest of the games. Each time one team gains a lead, the other claims another objective to even it out.

TSM edged out FW to claim their first victory here at Worlds 2017. Tania Mae had a quick chat with Vincent “Biofrost” Wang after their win.

There are players who look up to you and find themselves in the same spot where you were before TSM. Could you share about your experience in the Challenger scene?
In Challenger, it’s really hard. It’s mainly about popularity, if you know the right connections you can get on the right teams. Of course there’s talent involved as well but if you play in the scene for long enough and your name gets around in the Challenger scene then you’ll be go on Challenger teams.

I guess for me I jumped a lot around the teams because one team will not do well, they’ll fail qualifiers or something and in Challenger it’s really cut throat. If you fail once then you’re out of the team and they’ll change rosters.

Did you ever feel like giving up at that point?
At least for me when I was in Challenger scene I was in school as well, so if I didn’t play well continuously then I’ll just stay in school so I still had that choice. It wasn’t like I threw all the eggs in one basket, playing League, becoming pro and if I failed then I’ll be like, okay what do I do now?

(Photo Credit: LoL Esports Flickr)

Ardent censer is key in the meta now. What is your ardent censer in real life?
Uh… hm… (thinks) I really like a comfortable bed because if I don’t get a comfortable bed I won’t be able to get good sleep and sleep is really valuable for me.

Could you say something in Mandarin to your Asian fans?
My Mandarin is really bad. Umm… 你好。 (laughs) That’s all I’ve got. Umm… 谢谢支持我们。这是我第一次来到武汉。然后,很感谢大家都来看我们比赛。

(Translated: Thank you for your support. It’s my first time here in Wuhan. I’m very grateful for all those who watch us compete.)

Team Solo Mid plays WE today on 7 Oct and Misfits on 8 Oct 2017. Stay tuned!