Team SMG (Still Moving Under Gunfire), one of Singapore’s top VALORANT teams, has announced their official 2021 roster. With back to back victories in GSI and AOC Masters in late October, Team SMG were hitting a stride but had to change things around after needing replacements for Divine (Chun Ting Yeoh), who had to enlist in mandatory national service, and Kama (Danyal Heng), who stepped down from the team.

The team will be retaining the 3 core players – ZesBeeW (Sha Mohtar), falfalfal (Alex Cheang) and LEXY (Xavier Lee). Players JdFaker (Joshua Fok) and Egoist (Javier Chua) will fill the remaining 2 roster slots. Incidentally, both players come from Paper Rex, who Team SMG faced in the Grand Finals of TheGym’s Singapore Invitational (GSI). They have also added Fayde (Hoc Wah Chong) as head coach of the team.

All 5 players and the coach will be signed to a 1-year contract.

Outside of the game, Team SMG has shared their plans to provide their team a “holistic experience”, which includes working closely with JFJ Productions (JJ Lin’s management and music production company) to provide workshops for the players. These include “media training, personal branding, image and etiquette, and more” said Team SMG.

“We make sure every member of the Team SMG family experiences a holistic player development. While performance is important, the organization makes sure to develop the players outside of the game that will help them further their professional career, in aspects such as personal branding, public speaking, media training”

– Orrin Xu, General Manager of Team SMG

“We treat our players with high regard and focus on building team spirit as well as providing them with tools to train and compete in a wholesome environment. Winning is core for Team SMG, but my wish is for every member of the team to contribute in their own way to the community.

JJ Lin, Founder of Team SMG

Team SMG Valorant 2.0 will be comprised of:

  1. Sha “ZesBeeW” Mohtar (Captain)
  2. Alex “falfalfal” Cheang
  3. Xavier “LEXY” Lee
  4. Joshua “JdFaker” Fok
  5. Javier “Egoist” Chua
  6. Hoc Wah “Fayde” Chong (Coach)

Check out the roster reveal video below: