Team Flash, one of Southeast Asia’s leading esports organizations, has officially announced a major move into Vietnam’s League of Legends (LoL) esports scene with the acquisition of Sky Gaming.

Source: Garena Vietnam

Competing in the Vietnamese Championship Series (VCS), Sky Gaming made a successful debut last season in VCS, finishing 2nd in the regular season. They eventually finished 3rd in the Spring 2019 play-offs, behind Phong Vũ Buffalo and EVOS esports.

Trần “Optimus” Văn Cường – Mid Laner of Team Flash

One of the top signings in this move is undoubtedly 22-year old LOL veteran, Trần “Optimus” Văn Cường, who last represented Vietnam at the LOL World Championship in 2017. Optimus was the starting mid-laner for the Gigabyte Marines squad, upsetting international teams like Fnatic in Vietnam’s most successful international run to an eventual 9-11th place finish.

These are the players of Team Flash:

  • Đặng “Taurus” Văn Tài – Top Laner
  • Nguyễn “Yijin” Lê Hải Đăng – Jungler
  • Trần “Optimus” Văn Cường – Mid Laner
  • Trần “Artemis” Quốc Hưng – Bot Laner
  • Nguyễn “Slayder” Linh Vương – Bot Laner
  • Nguyễn “CBL” Võ Thành Luân – Support
  • Đinh “Hinn” Quang Huy – Support
  • Trương “Darrys” Tuấn Kiệt – Sub/Top
  • Đặng “Kati” Thanh Phê – Sub/Mid
  • Lê “Hai” Hoàng Hải – Sub/Sup

Optimus said, “I started to know about Team Flash when they invested in Vietnam with Arena of Valor last year. I respect what Team Flash has done to support the development of the esports industry. As the leader of Team Flash League of Legends division, I can share that all the team members are glad to be part of an awesome organization – where we focus not only on winning but also providing a good environment for players to achieve their goals.

With Team Flash, I hope that I can achieve this goal and moreover, we can help to improve the next generation of professional esports players.”

Team Flash is no stranger to the Vietnam esports scene, having enjoyed success with it’s Arena of Valor (AOV) team who has emerged as the undisputed domestic champion in the last two seasons.

Mr Terence Ting, CEO and founder of Team Flash, said: “After a year of investing in Vietnam esports first with our world-class Arena of Valor team, I am proud to announce that we have chosen one of the strongest League of Legends teams in Vietnam to raise the Flash flag in the VCS. We are excited to welcome this talented group of players led by Vietnamese legend Optimus, as well as our new partner Tien who has done a remarkable job in building up the Vietnam esports scene.”

Mr Tran Nhat Tien, previously owner of Sky Gaming and now in charge of Team Flash’s LOL division, said: “Since Team Flash and I share the same thoughts and goals about doing esports, we want to be the leading organization in Vietnam not only in achievements but also supporting our players’ careers and creating a better environment. I am really happy with the contract and I believe that it will bring new energy for the team to conquer any challenge in the future.”

The VCS begins 20 June 2019.