The SEA Slam just concluded last week, with Teams and influencers from various countries (including Philippines (2), Malaysia (3), Indonesia (2), and Singapore (1) ). For 3 weeks, these teams have drafted, trained, and competed in the first ever online Rumble League tournament.

The influencers/team leaders that joined include:

  1. Bro Pasta (Indonesia)
  2. Leoanoga (Indonesia)
  3. MasterRamen (Malaysia)
  4. DaddyHood (Malaysia)
  5. SoloZ (Malaysia)
  6. RikuPH (Philippines)
  7. Ashley Gosiengfiao (Philippines)
  8. SynC (Singapore)

With each team comprised of players on the top of the leaderboards, Rumble League did an amazing job and really gave everyone a chance to participate in this tournament. Additionally, each team leader had the ability to draft from the pool of eligible players, really giving it a streamlined league feel.

“Rumble League is addictive and convenient due tom the fact that each game lasts about 2 minutes. This makes a very good game to pass time, be it on the go, waiting for someone, etc. I really like the idea very much.”

EeHong “SynC” Ho

Across multiple weeks, SynC’s team looked the strongest, with players hailing from various countries – PH, SG, and ID. SynC himself is no stranger to mobile games – representing Resurgence as a Mobile Legends streamer. In the end, Team SynC took it all and won the Grand Finals.

Here are the results of the 1st S.E.A. SLAM

Congratulations to SynC, [HD]Pain, Brentzie, Hagebeevi, MawarHitman, and Vendetta on becoming the first S.E.A. SLAM CHAMPIONS!