Samsung Galaxy is the only LCK team to open Rift Rivals 2017 playing two games. They were against LMS’s J-Team and LPL’s EDG on Day 1.

Despite J-Team’s early leads gained by Elise, Renekton and Corki, Samsung kept their cool. CoreJJ’s Tahm Kench denied many kills while Orianna and Varus were happy to wave clear, scale and zone with Rumble in team fights.

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In their second match, a more typical side of LCK was shown. Despite EDG’s aggressive pick-comp utilizing Ashe and Taliyah, SSG worked the map.

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Ambition thinks that the region’s strong macro game stems from the fact that the Korean teams do not have any language barriers and are able to talk about their strategy before the game starts.

SSG Ambition at the post-game press conference

He added, “We believe that LCK teams have a better understanding of the game than any other region.”

From early dragon control to placing their mid and top laner in side lanes, one last massive team fight at top sealed the deal. Teleporting into EDG’s base with an almost full rage bar, mini turned Mega Gnar into a massive 4-man stun won the teamfight for Samsung and the game. Even though SSG whiffed more skillshots than usual today, CuVee’s teleports and execution were on point.


When asked about why Gnar was picked despite being having no changes to him on patch 7.12 (which Rift Rivals is played on), CuVee responded, “After playing Gnar on 7.13, I feel that he’s also applicable as a counter-pick to many of the picks in 7.12.”

Rift Rivals Red continues tomorrow (7 Jul) where KT face RNG and ahq, while SKT take on WE.