LPL barely took down LMS yesterday to face LCK in the finals today. A battle for regional pride was on the line as all LCK coaches predicted a 3-0 while LPL’s coaches were adamant against that scoreline.


EDG took a commanding lead from start to finish. While SSG managed to take 7 kills off EDG by the end, Zet finished it all off with a Quadra kill near Baron to secure LPL’s first win.

WE’s Mystic secured a critical First Blood against Faker. Faker continued to have a tough time as Condi jumped in for a second kill minutes later. WE put pressure on SKT as Mystic scaled nicely to pull off the upset win against the reigning World Champions.

LCK were at their last life and had to rely on KT to at least turn the tide of the battle. The game started off at a knife’s edge and neither team wanted to give an inch. It was until a teamfight near 29 minutes on the clock that gave KT Rolster a lead significant enough to pressure and close out Game 3.

Even though LCK pulled back by 1 game, they were still under threat of elimination. LCK had to pin their hopes on MVP to win this game against RNG if they want SKT to play Game 5. MVP went for objectives this game, securing 2 dragons and Rift Herald by 19 minutes. Using Herald to distract LetMe in the bottom lane, they took baron but ceded 2 kills to RNG.

The game grew tense as the kill score remained even. Barons were taken, Dragons were taken, but it was still anyone’s game. 40 minutes in, RNG finally took out 3 inhibitors after securing a crucial Baron. MVP would not give up the game and killed off LetMe and Ming before RNG could touch the Nexus Turrets.

In a surprise move, RNG baited MVP towards Baron and LetMe teleported into MVP’s base and took down the nexus to secure LPL the Rift Rivals Championship!