LMS faced LPL in a battle for supremacy today, as well as the right to face LCK at the finals. Here’s how it all went down.

JT vs WE
WE spared no effort in quickly banning the Thresh and picking Kalista from Bebe. Both teams went even for the first 20 minutes. But WE eventually pulled ahead by taking Dragons and Barons, finally winning a crucial teamfight at 34 minutes. It was curtains for J Team at that point.

FW’s SwordArt was banned out heavily, but came out swinging with his Blitzcrank. His hooks were on point and kept catching OMG’s carries. Along with his team, SwordArt paved the way to victory as OMG had no time to scale up at all.

EDG and AHQ’s close relations was put to the test once again. AHQ had a 1-6 record against EDG thus far and set out with something to prove this time around. Locking in AHQ vs EDG would also mean M17 vs RNG as the ace match. With M17’s prospects being low, AHQ had to win this game. EDG controlled the pace of the game for most of the time, but a clutch fight at 25 minutes turned the tides around. From then on, the game was held at a knife’s edge as each team took turn to grab a lead and lose it. Eventually, when Meiko and Clearlove7 pathed incorrectly, Westdoor cut them off from their team and it was over for EDG at 61 minutes.

RNG vs M17
M17 tried to get an early lead by starting a gank at the bottom lane. However, RNG punished by bringing 4 down to the fight.  From then on, RNG kept a firm grasp of the game and made sure M17 had no chance of fighting back.

FW vs WE
Team WE allowed FW to pick Zac in favour of banning Thresh and Blitzcrank. However, WE controlled the pace of the game until 29 minutes, where FW made a huge comeback fight with 4 kills. WE would find 2 key kills and push FW and LMS out of the tournament.

And with that, LPL moves on to face LCK tomorrow at 4pm (TST).