The day started off the LCK in the lead with 3 points, followed by LPL at 2 and unexpectedly, LMS with 1 point.

M17 vs MVP
MVP started the game with a disastrous invade, ceding 2 kills to M17’s Apex. Fortunately for them, M17 was running a late game protect-the-carry composition and required time to scale. MVP managed to claw back the gold lead in the mid game, taking teamfight after teamfight with the Kalista-Rakan combo. Eventually, Max landed a huge 4-man knock-up that sealed M17’s fate.

KT’s first game in Rift Rivals also happened to be a reunion between Mata and his old RNG teammates. RNG took the fight to KT, focusing on kills while KT focused on the objectives on the map; stealing a Mountain dragon in the mid game. Eventually, KT accrued enough of an advantage to win multiple teamfights and take the game against RNG.

EDG drafted an extremely greedy late game scaling comp. Noticing this, J Team started with a strong lead against EDG, taking First Blood, First Dragon, Rift Herald and First Turret. This helped J Team snowball all the way to upset EDG.

FW vs WE
Both teams drafted powerful teamfight comps. Flash Wolves made the first mistakes that cost them several early kills. However, they pulled together to claw back the gold lead and even snuck a Baron from under WE’s noses. WE could not catch FW as they rotated and prioritized objectives over kills. FW eventually used Taliyah’s Weaver’s Wall to choke out WE.

AHQ started westdoor this game against KT. Both teams picked unorthodox champions like Jinx and Jhin. The game was bloody from start to finish but AHQ managed to pull ahead during a fight at the Rift Herald, taking 4 kills and the Baron that just spawned. From then on, it was over for KT.

WE started off strong against SKT, taking a 2 kills off SKT. However, SKT bounced back with even greater force, pushing WE off balance at LPL’s own game; teamfighting, eventually finishing off WE easily.

Rift Rivals continues with LMS vs LPL at 4pm on 8 JUL 2017