The first day of Rift Rivals: Red has come and gone. As the top Asian teams clashed, sparks flew and the current standings are as follows:

J Team started the day off with a questionable draft of Kalista-Braum bottom lane when Thresh was still readily available to be picked. This would eventually come back to bite them as they transited from a decent early game into an indecisive mid game baron dance with no clear-cut engage tool. Eventually, Samsung took advantage of this. They choked JT out of the Baron pit, outscaled them and took the game.

OMG entered the game with a questionable draft phase, drafting all losing lanes against MVP and even banning Zac at blue side and first-picking Elise over Rek’Sai. This led to Beyond being quicker in clearing jungle camps and ganking the bottom lane. OMG tried to recoup losses by diving the bottom lane, only to lose 3 members in the process.

MVP, however, made the mistake in turning for OMG while taking Mountain Drake, eventually getting cornered by xiyang, giving OMG a total of 4 kills. From then on, OMG capitalized on their mid-game power spike in Corki and took Baron after Baron to end the game.

EDG jumped into rift with Clearlove on his trademark Evelynn, with clever pathing on his jungle, he managed to pick two swift kills onto Zet and CoreJJ pulling EDG ahead. However, CuVee pulled off a miracle 3-man stun 11 minutes into the game, turning things around. Both teams then traded back and forth until the 31st minute where CuVee landed a perfect Gnar ultimate and sealed EDG’s fate.

OMG vs M17
M17 came into the tournament with little to no expectations. However, that did not stop them from putting up their best performance. Dee started with a kill in the bottom lane and Taizan followed up with one in the top. With that momentum, M17 started rolling and OMG almost had no way to stop Dee from firing spear after spear from his Kalista, eventually falling to M17’s superior teamfight comp.

AHQ picked Jax into Jarvan and opted for a 4-1 split push strategy against RNG’s teamfight comp. Chawy’s level 2 roam caught RNG off guard. However, a team fight near the dragon gave Xiaohu a Triple Kill, snowballing him to his mid-game power spike that swiftly put AHQ’s momentum to a halt. From there on, AHQ played too safely from behind and slowly withered away their lead and the game.

SKT proved in MSI this year that FW were no match for them. They proved it here again today by completely thwarting all their attempts at catching them off guard. Perfectly placed Equalizers were completely neutralized by plays from Bang and Faker as they pulled their team to safety or built walls to prevent a chase. Flash Wolves tried their best to make great plays that only SKT could avoid and should still be proud of their performance despite their defeat.

Rift Rivals Red continues tomorrow (7 Jul) where KT face RNG and ahq, while SKT take on WE.