In a race for the only spot representing Singapore and Malaysia for the PUBG Southeast Asia Championship 2019, one unlikely team defied all odds and came up victorious.

Team SGL – From Left to Right: Dylan “UnspokeN” Oh, Jason “S2Chunz” Chua, Joshua “Meltings” Lim, Darren “insanefloyd” Ong, Team Manager: Breyon “BigBlueBird” Yeo

Randomly put together
Meet Team Singapore Lang (SGL). The team is comprised of players from multiple other teams who happened to band together just for the PSC 2019 – MET MY&SG Qualifier.

We got to know each other through BigBlueBird’s discord and we were (initially) rivals from 3 different teams that played in the Acer Predator League.

– Darren “insanefloyd” Ong

We didnt know what to name our team so we came up with that (Singapore Lang).

– Joshua “Meltings” Lim
Object of Desire?

Snatching Weapons?
All four members of SGL have something special in common: They love the M416. Fortunately for them, in competitive PUBG, weapons are plenty and they don’t have to fight for the same weapon.

Consistency is Key
SGL got together and faced well-known teams like GeekFam, Resurgence and Battle Arena Elites. What got them through all that was consistency.

We were not expecting much during the tournament but somehow with our consistent plays and good teamwork during fights, we managed to emerge victorious. We are all shocked and happy that we came out on top of so many experienced and well known teams.

– Dylan “UnspokeN” Oh

Team MVPs
When asked to name an MVP, most of them pointed towards Jason “S2Chunz” Chua and Joshua “Meltings” Lim

All these was not possible if not for the good calls for rotation or pushes by our caller S2Chunz who managed to obtain many frags in the process. Same goes for Meltings who did many insane and clutch plays which saved the team a couple of times.

– Dylan “UnspokeN” Oh

Flying the Singapore Flag
When asked if they felt the pressure of being the only team to represent not only Singapore but Malaysia as well, SGL mentioned that they tried not to let the pressure get to them.

We feel very fortunate to be able to represent Singapore and we will do our best at PSC. We are just going to take it easy and perform at our best, hoping to be consistent once again.

– Darren “insanefloyd” Ong

Scouting the Competition
In competitive PUBG, the ruleset focuses more on kills rather than placing in order to discourage passive play. SGL will have a tough road ahead of them as stronger teams await them in Bangkok come this Saturday.

The current meta will definitely encourage a more aggressive playstyle and we will be facing much tougher and seasoned opponents such as Divine Esports, Armoury Gaming and Ark Angel.

– Dylan “UnspokeN” Oh

Preparing Hard
SGL are currently scrimming hard against veteran teams from Thailand in preparation for the event. However, they did take a few moments to thank those who have supported them thus far.

We would like to thank the people who always cheered on us and believed in us, and we will do our best to do Singapore proud.

– Jason “S2Chunz” Chua

You can find these players online in the following places:

  • insanefloyd: Twitch, Discord – insanefloyd#6015
  • S2Chunz: Discord – S2Chunz#7417
  • UnspokeN: Twitch, Discord – Syntrex#3348
  • Meltings: Twitch, Discord – Meltings#4349

The PSC 2019 – Phase 2 starts 27 June 2019 at the Thailand Esports Arena & The Street Ratchada