What has been a tournament full of surprises ends in a full Western, NA vs EU finals – with Team Liquid fighting for NA, and G2 Esports fighting for EU.

Game 1: G2 Esports (G2) crushes Team Liquid (TL) in convincing fashion,
Surprise Swain vs NA Skarner. Who would come out on top? G2 has lane priority in all three lanes, this was a wash.

G2 started the game with an invade into TL’s jungle. While nothing was expended, they managed to secure lane priority for Caps’s Morgana against Jensen’s Orianna. Then G2 started to pile in on the bottom lane, giving Doublelift and CoreJJ no room to breathe.

Die Die Die

TL tried to fight back in the bottom lane, it didn’t turn out well. G2 were too far ahead and reached their power spikes way too early.

This is not a good idea

G2 never relented in their pressure and TL could never catch a break. The game ended in 24:35 with a 22-2 scoreline.

Game 2: G2 lands a second blow
TL finally drafted some priority in their lanes, resulting in more freedom for Xmithie to make plays across the map. However, Wunder’s Pyke Top makes his return; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Mikyx manages to land a hook onto Doublelift even while the TL side had the pushing priority. This resulted in Jankos‘ intervention and an eventual First Blood

Mikyx going fishing

The game became much of a stalemate for 10 minutes until G2 found a good tower dive onto Doublelift and CoreJJ. However, their overstay also resulted in TL taking two kills back in return, thereby returning the game into a stalemate.

Impact hopes you enjoyed the electrotherapy

The silence finally broke when G2 forced a fight in the Mid Lane. Team Liquid may have had the upper hand early in the fight, but a misstep by Doublelift cost TL an Ace.

Let the bodies hit the floor.

G2 was so far ahead. With Caps in tow, they blazed past all of TL’s defenses and took Game 2.

Go Caps! Use Thunderbolt!

Game 3: G2 completes the sweep
TL drafted a late game scaling comp against G2’s mid-game pick comp. The onus was on G2 to keep the pressure on TL in order to close out the game early.

It was natural to expect TL to lose their lanes on Top and Bot since they were scaling picks, thus it was all eyes on Jensen to make the plays. However, a botched gank from Xmithie gave G2 two kills and was the opening salvo for G2 to take kills in both the Bottom and Top sides of the map.


G2 never gave an inch after that, even when TL took kills off G2, it was always traded with more and more objectives on the map. In their final push, Wunder landed a three-man root and closed the final chapter of MSI 2019.

Hey Impact, I can do that too.
EU’s first ever MSI win!