Game 1: SKT T1 (SKT) wins in convincing fashion
Sona-Taric reared its ugly head once again in the tournament to start of the first game of the day. Given their composition, G2 Esports (G2) were expected to hold back on their aggression and scale towards mid-late game teamfights.

Surprise Ezreal

However, the game started off on the wrong foot: Teddy on Ezreal found First Blood on Perkz. SKT them put their focus on the bottom side and took more kills in the process.

Never, ever, race a Rift Herald.

G2 started to take poor trades after poor trades across the map. Ceding multiple turrets and an inhibitor by trying to outrace a Rift Herald. Sona-Taric was not given the time and space to scale.

Going somewhere?

G2 tried to mount a comeback at the 20 minute mark, but it was too little, too late when Teddy popped off as Ezreal, cleaning up the fight. By then, there was no more room for G2 to fight back against SKT.

Game 2: G2 Esports fights back
SKT’s Vi and Hecarim picks were great, but G2’s lane priorities gave them a good headstart against SKT. However, as fights broke out in all lanes, G2 managed to scrape through them to get the advantage.

Those blinking red health bars though…

While the game was hindered by a long pause, we jumped right back into action as Caps made an excellent play to pick off two from SKT before Perkz cashed in on his +1369G adoration stacks in the next fight.

Money Money Money

From then on, G2’s gold lead bloomed and they found no difficulty winning teamfight after teamfight, closing out the game by tying up the series. Also, Caps capped the game off with a Pentakill. No biggie.

And the crowd goes wild

Game 3: SKT lands another blow, up 2-1
The draft was obvious. G2 needed to scale while SKT had their early to mid-game teamfights available to them.

SKT knew of their ealy advantage well and punished accordingly, taking kill after kill in the bottom lane with Clid leading the charge. However, a botched dive at around 10 minutes cost SKT a shut down (+750 Gold) and a couple of kills in the bottom lane.

Maybe don’t teleport without your Ultimate next time

SKT would not let G2 take the driver’s seat in this game. While they gave away the second Infernal Drake, they took off two kills and several turret platings. Clid continues to be the playmaker of SKT, finding the kill against Caps, while almost escaping a 4-man gank.

Clid sinks his fangs in

SKT continued to push their advantage that eventually led to an Ace on Perkz. SKT finally managed to take the Baron and clean out the rest of G2.

Cool Teddies don’t look at dead Kai’Sas

G2 tried one final desperate fight, but the prolonged fight only enabled SKT to walk into the G2 base and take the game.

Game 4: G2 ties the series again, 2-2
Taking a page from Team Liquid’s book, G2 drafted Skarner to gain more early game advantages. This gave then the Ocean Drake and some kill trades in their favour.

Teddy found a miracle Ashe Arrow on Perkz as he was recalling, this gave Mata and Clid the chance to pounce on the stunned AD Carry and take the kill.

All the way from downtown.

While G2 still maintained a lead and the pressure, Faker’s Sylas found a 5-man Gnar and then won them another fight in the mid lane once again. Though it didn’t net SKT many advantages, it definitely stalled G2’s momentum for quite a bit.

Whoops, you’re all supposed to be here.

Wunder answered with a Gnar of his own and secured G2 the Baron. Allowing G2 to continue pushing into the SKT base.

Hey, I can do that too!

SKT fought hard and defended the base with two kills and even managed to sneak out a Baron against G2. But it was G2’s decisive call to send Caps and Wunder to the Backdoor got them a well-deserved win.

Hey, you left your back door open.

Game 5: G2 narrowly edges out, 3-2
Faker gets his signature LeBlanc while Perkz is back on his Mid Lane Champions. Wunder’s Pyke Top also makes a reappearance. The game was speculated to be a tug of war in terms of playstyles.

It was all Wunder’s Pyke-show as he started roaming after a slow start to secure execute after execute onto SKT’s Champions. SKT seemed like they were out of options.

What the Pyke?

SKT knew what they had to do, get rid of Pyke. But what they didn’t count on was Mikyx’s Galio taunting them all, allowing Caps to clean house in a jungle teamfight.

Ice Ice Baby

SKT found a much-needed teamfight in their favour at the Baron-side River, resulting in an Ace even with Caps trying his hardest to save the fight.

Sorry Caps, not this time.

Once again, it was the Wunder show as he raced past the entire jungle via Teleport-Homeguards to find the executes on Faker and Khan to create history: an EU-NA finals for the first time since Season 1 Worlds.


Team Liquid and G2 Esports face off in the Finals May 19th at 3pm Taiwan Standard Time.