Announced earlier in Malaysia’s Belanjawan 2019, the country has set aside RM 10 million in development of esports for the youth. Championed by Syed Saddiq, Minister of Youth and Sports, the announcement was echoed on Twitter and delighted the Malaysian community. To which Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer and a citizen of neighboring country Singapore, has committed to matching the RM 10 million in 2019. This RM 20 million commitment from two of the biggest esports evangelists in the region is the biggest committed investment to date, and through an official government channel nonetheless.

Both Syed Saddiq and Min-Liang Tan have been very prominent lately in efforts to champion esports in the SouthEast Asian region, with Syed Saddiq seen attending Hyperplay in Singapore that Razer has recently sponsored. Razer itself was a big sponsor in the recently concluded Singtel Pvp Esports earlier in October.

Min-Liang Tan specified that he will be “sponsoring teams, tournaments and investing in facilities and much more in the year.”

Malaysian esports enthusiasts and stakeholders rejoiced on social media at the late Friday announcements. Meanwhile other SEA based esports stakeholders also expressed that their respective governments and representatives would see the same light.

This is an encouraging development for esports in the region, which has been ripe for this kind of development for the longest time.