Four days ago, some VCS-flavored tea was spilled on reddit by one beerocado. VCS’s Gigabyte Marines (GAM) and their Spring Split Champion Phong Vũ Buffalo (PVB) went to war about prized player and Clear Man of Regular Season. Here’s the entire post.

TLDR: PVB poached Zeros when he was still in contract with GAM in 2018. Zeros does not want to stay with PVB this split. GAM based on the fact that his contract with PVB was the result of a poach, file acusations against Zeros, forcing VCS to overrule the contract and declare Zeros a free agent with a ban of 6 games after he’s signed to his next team since he admitted to poaching and tampering.

Poaching Violation
Apparently, Zeros violated the GAM contract by approaching PVB before his contract expired to play for PVB in Feb 2018. GAM filed a challenge to the VCS with solid proof of the occurence.

Resulting Suspension
Zeros was slapped with a 6 match (BO3s) suspension upon signing a new team. GAM spared no time to sign Zeros back up, seemingly winning the war against PVB.

2017 World Championship Group Stage at Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium in Wuhan, Hubei, China on 5 October 2017.

Overall Power-Up
GAM’s acquisition of Zeros comes after the hyped return of Levi into the GAM jungle announced earlier in May. Levi made waves internationally in the 2017 MSI as well as 2017 All Stars before making a trip to 100 Thieves Academy in North America and then JDG in the LPL.

Levi’s addition is set to shake up the competition as the most mechanically gifted jungler in Vietnam. Meliodas (from PVB) and Yijin (from Team Flash) will have their work cut out for them this Summer.

All eyes on GAM and PVB
With the recent power-picks from GAM, given that VCS earned two seeds via MSI 2019, GAM and PVB are now the favourites to appear at the 2019 World Championships in Europe later this year.

They will have to fight for seeding though. A #2 seed for VCS will have to play in the Play-Ins, one that will probably have a #3 LCK Seed in play for the first time in history.

The VCS resumes 13 June 2019.