With Worlds starting in exactly 8 days time, Flyquest Top Laner Flame drew out the groups for Play-Ins as well as the Main Event.

Naturally, LMS 3rd seed G-Rex is considered the weakest of all Pool 1 Seeds and will look to rectify HKA’s loss last year, being the only team from a major region that dropped out of the Play-Ins.

Notable teams such as SuperMassive from the TCL and Gambit Esports from LCL will be fighting for a chance at redemption once again from their performances at MSI 2018.

This is Kabum’s reunion with Cloud 9 as well and only time will tell if they have the same friendly relationship they had in 2014.

Any Group that has an LPL and an LCK team in them are naturally groups of death. Any other team trying to take the top 2 spots to break into Playoffs will have to work extra hard.

The LPL has had a Golden year with RNG leading the charge, taking down former Goliaths from the LCK, who are now stronger and angrier than ever before.

RNG will be grouped with Gen.G once again for a third year running. Is Worlds truly scripted?

What do you think of the Groups drawn. Do any of the teams you support have any hope left?

Worlds Play-Ins start 1 Oct 2018