Flash Wolves came out swinging in Day 1 of Group Stage, taking an 11-1 kill score against PVB and ending the game in 27 minutes. We spoke to SwordArt on their first win and his thoughts on his upcoming matches.

Congratulations on the Win. Excellent strategy of Sion Mid to beat out PVB. Was this something that you and your team planned to use from the beginning.

Actually Maple has a very wide Champion Pool, so we decided to use his Sion Mid to control the lane.

There were so many rumours about PVB being very strong, what is your take on that team?

I think their laning prowess is definitely good, their SoloQ ranks are Masters and Challenger, so I do not doubt their ability. I have to say we mostly have our Coach and analysts to thank as we managed to prepare this strategy to use in this game.

Going to fight AFS, what are your thoughts on facing your former teammate Kramer?

We never really had a chance to play each other in the World Stage before. So now, we have a chance to prove which bot lane is better.

What about his team as a whole? Do you think you will be able to beat them?

I think AFS are different from other LCK teams. They focus more on individual ability rather than team ability. For us, we have to be very careful when laning against them.

You were listed as the 7th in the Top 20 players in the tournament. What are your thoughts on that?

I really feel like I’m not as good as they say. But since they hold me in such a high regard, I will do my best to live up to that name. I hope everyone will be able to see that.

As for Maple in 15 and your other teammates not making the list, what do you think about that.

I think… it’s very reasonable. [laughs]

People are saying FW always get the Pool 1 and many are still debating if it’s a good or bad thing. What do you think of the current draw of your group?

I think our goal this year is way larger than that of last year’s. We were only concerned about the teams that we drew in our Group. But this year, we set our sights higher. As for the group, I feel like it’s not that bad. I feel it’s more important to show the world that we can also take wins off teams in a BO5.

KT has all their players in the Top 20. Does this make you more cautious about them or any other team in the tournament?

I think it’s no secret that KT and RNG are the favourites in the tournament. They are the First Seed in both strongest regions after all. For KT, other than Ucal, every other player has a lot of experience so they should be able to do very well in the tournament.

Speaking of former teammates, your team has been calling someone “That jungler”. What do you feel about his current performances so far?

I think his performance is not too shabby. When he does well over there, we are actually very happy for him. But in the end, we are still opponents so we still look forward to facing them in game and beating them.

This is the first time LMS has 3 teams in the Main Stage. Unfortunately MAD Team lost their first game against EDG. As the more experienced player, what advice can you give to MAD and G-Rex?

We’re definitely rooting for MAD and G-Rex. Whenever they ask us anything, we still do our best to give them the advice they need. We’re helping each other and hope that all LMS teams can progress to the next stage together. I feel MAD Team played very well already. They just need to adjust their decision-making in the mid game and they should be good.

Well, you’ve won your first game. What’s the team condition like right now?

I feel like even though we won 11-1, we still have a lot to work on. For example, we could have done better at closing the game and snowballed the game faster. I still feel like we did not do that well in the mid game, so we’re going to look into that when we get back today.

Flash Wolves play Afreeca Freecs tomorrow at 5pm KST.