Phong Vũ Buffalo took their first win against G2 and are now tied with G2 at 1-1 in the group. We spoke to their star player Zeros for his thoughts on the Group and their future opponents.

Good Evening, Zeros. Congratulations on your win against G2 today. G2 showed a great performance yesterday but you guys beat the very convincingly. How is the team morale right now?

After the loss against Flash Wolves, our team morale was low. But after watching Flash Wolves beat Afreeca Freecs, we feel better as we now still have a chance to advance. That’s how we felt when we went into the game against G2.

You are now 1-1 in Groups. You’re tied with G2 in 2nd while AFS are last in the Group. Is this how you would have expected the Group to go?

I would say it was in our calculations.

Zeros, being the VCS Season MVP, you’re very respected by a lot of other Top Laners in the tournament. How does that make you feel?

It’s a big honour for me to get so much attention from everyone.

Is there any Top Laner you want to face against in the tournament?

I want to face every Top Laner from LCK.

Well VCS is growing stronger and stronger every year. What makes VCS keep growing like this?

In recent years the VCS started to get a lot of sponsors, so that served as great motivation for players to get better.

People have been expecting great performances from PVB and you finally delivered. How confident are you on getting into the Quarterfinals now?

I think if we try really hard for groups, our chances are 50%.

You’ll face Afreeca Freecs next on Saturday. What will you be doing in preparation for the match?

I will study why AFS lost to G2 and Flash wolves and try to exploit that.

Any final words to the fans out there?

Although we’re pretty much unknown to most people in the worlds, we will make ourselves known in this tournament.