Invictus Gaming played their first game of Worlds today with a close game against G-Rex until they turned it on in the mid game. We spoke to Duke to find out his thoughts on the game as well as their most feared opponent in the Group.

Congratulations on your win today against G-Rex. It was rather close until the mid game. What’s the team morale like now after your first win?

We actually play a lot better in the late game, and we knew that we would win.

What do you think of G-Rex’s performance today?

They played better than we thought so I think every team in the World Championship is really good.

What’s it like to play in Korea for the World Championship?

I’m usually in China now, so it’s a new feeling to be staying and playing here. To an extent, it’s convenient.

Have you introduced your teammates to any delicacies here?

In Busan, the 2 famous menus are the Pig Soup and Cold Noodles but I didn’t think my teammates would like them so I didn’t recommend any.

Many people say that LPL seems to be a very strong region coming into Worlds this year. What are your thoughts on that?

I guess this year, especially, the LPL are really strong. But I think overall teams from across the globe have upgraded in their skill level.

In the Summer Split, you got more playtime than TheShy. Who decides who gets to play in the games?

The coaches decide who plays.

Speaking of TheShy, what’s your relationship with him in the team like?

We’re teammates, so we share opinions and help each other out.

As for the Group, which team do you think will give you the most problems?

We heard that Fnatic was a really good team. Seeing them today, I think it is true. So I think they will be a hard matchup.

You’re going to play Fnatic tomorrow. What do you think of Fnatic’s playstyle and the percentage chance of beating them?

I think Fnatic, rather than being aggressive, I think they tend to focus on a slow management of their overall play. So I think the chances are 50-50.

Is there anything you wish to say to your fans worldwide?

We are back in the World Championship so keep a close watch on us and we will show you a good performance.

Invictus Gaming play Fnatic today at 7pm KST.