Ray finally met up with Impact on the rift today to fulfill his promise. We caught up with EDG Ray on his thoughts on Impact, his time at NA and the LPL’s strong showing at Worlds.

Congratulations Ray on your win against TL today. It was close, but you managed to get the win in the end. What was the team atmosphere like during the game?

In the beginning, there were some not-so-favourable situations, but unlike before, we remained calm. Because of that, we were able turn it around and win.

You mentioned in another interview that former teammate Impact wanted to meet you at Worlds. Now that you’re here against all odds in the LPL and passing the Play-ins, how are you feeling?

I think this is the situation I really wanted. When I was in Cloud9, Impact helped me out a lot and taught me a lot. He’s a really good player that I appreciate. I was really looking forward to this matchup. When I won this matchup, I was really happy.

What was it like in the Top lane matchup against Impact?

In the past I always thought he was a good Top Laner. Today’s lane match was not easy. Up until recently, I never really had it difficult, but today it was not easy.

Well, you’ve defeated TL today, but what do you think of the other opponents you will face in the Group?

All teams are still very strong, so it is still very hard to say who will come out on top.

LPL seems to be a very dominant region this season. Why do you think this is so?

I think this is a year where the LPL overall worked very fiercely towards the championship. It was visible that we really practiced a lot along with the coaching staff. I think that led to this current result, so I don’t think this was a surprise at all.

Obviously you still have a lot of fans from NA who are still talking about you. What do you want to say to fans of yours all the way from NA?

Up until 1 year ago I could still speak in English. Throughout the past year my speaking proficiency has deteriorated. I can still comprehend English but cannot speak actively. To that regard, I am very sorry to my fans and thank you for rooting for me.

EDG takes on KT at 10pm KST.