The Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) put up an excellent performance against Eternity esports, finishing with a convincing 3-0 victory on this first day of the The Legends Circuit (TLC): Malaysia summer playoffs 2017. To top it off, KLH Poon ‘Veki’ Kok Sing secured a pentakill in game 3 with a whopping 22 kills as Twitch.


With Eric ‘Qaspiel’ Sia by his side as Janna, Twitch with 4 completed items and an ardent censer did a lot of damage. We sat down for an exclusive interview with Qaspiel to find out how his team has been doing and his thoughts on the meta.

Congratulations on your win. You played very well on picks like Sejuani and Rek’Sai. What makes these champions strong picks in the current meta?

Qaspiel: I think she (Sejuani) is a very tanky jungler with decent clear and pathing. Her true strength comes in teamfights where she can provide a lot of crowd control. Especially in the current meta where teamfights are very important, Sejuani is very good.

Kayn is the newest junlger to hit the Rift. Any thoughts?

Kayn dishes out a lot of damage and can appear where people least expect it, that’s what makes Kayn strong. But in tournaments, Kayn players need to plan out their pathing beforehand or risk falling off in the late game.

KLH has a unique substitute strategy. You move to Support while Wicked takes the Jungler position. Can you walk us through the thought process?

Wicked and I are both Jungler mains. As Ramsay ‘Bipolar’ Devaraj is our Coach, sometimes he has to sit out while I take up the Support role; Wicked then takes the jungler role. Another reason is that we want Wicked to gain more competitive experience as a jungler and that is why we made the swap.

KLH setting up for the semifinals match against Eternity Esports
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Earlier this year KLH went over to Korea for a month-long bootcamp. What is the environment like over there?

Korea is a very nice place. The people are polite and friendly. We kind of ate Korean BBQ almost every day, but also made to eat healthy sometimes. The weather is not too hot or cold so that’s pretty good. As for solo queue, we experienced 9ms ping in a competitive environment and that challenged us to push our limits. Overall, the training was very beneficial.

Name a player that you look up to.

I only look up to Faker

KLH has fans in Malaysia as well as all over the world. What would like to say to your supporters?

Thank you Digi and Logitech. Without you, we wouldn’t have the quality equipment to train hard. As for Digi, thank you for sponsoring our Korean Bootcamp. Last but not least, I’m thankful for my friends and supporters all over the world for supporting us and challenging us to do our best. Your support means a lot to us.

KLH play Eternity Esports for a second time in 2 days in the TLC MY Grand Finals tomorrow, 13 August 2017 at 1pm (GMT+8).