The deed is done. All five announced games for the esports segment have their nominated players/teams. All that’s left is for the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) to decide if they are worthy to appear at the 30th SEA Games in November.

If elected, the following players will represent Singapore in hopes of clinching a medal against tough competition in the region:

(From Left) Tekken 7: Tan “Joystick” Boon Kai, Ruslan “Lan94” Bin Abd Rahman
Source: SGEEK
(From Left) Starcraft II: Toh “Lobo” Wei Liang Alvin, Thomas “Blysk” Kopankiewicz
Source: SGEEK
(From Left) Arena of Valor – Resurgence: Bjorn ‘Zeys‘ Ong, Dabbie ‘813‘ Lim, Marcus ‘Marclaren’ Lee, Renfred ‘Elespresso’ Ng, Chris ‘Yueyah’ Ong
(From Left) Mobile Legends – EVOS SG: Chong “Soul” Ru Chyi, Akihiro “JPL” Furusawa, Robert “OhDeerBambi” Boon Wei Xing, Andrew “Potato” Lim, Tan “Ace” Zheng Wei
Source: The Straits Times
(From Left) Dota 2 – Team X: Wilson “poloson” Koh Chin Wei, Joel “Chibix” Chan Jian Yong, Teo “Tudi” Yao Wen, Lukman “Luk” Yusoff bin Nooraznan, Wong “Nutz” Jeng Yih
Source: SGEEK

We spoke to the Singapore Esports Association’s very own Kelvin Tan on his thoughts about the selection process and his hopes for the nominees.

Kelvin Tan, Secretary-General for the Singapore Esports Association (SGEA)

Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the SGEA.

My name is Kelvin Tan, and I have been the Secretary-General for the Singapore Esports Association since May this year (2019).
SGEA was formed in October 2018 with 10 founding board members that came together on a volunteer basis. I am currently the only employee for the SGEA.

What are your thoughts on the event venue? Were there other options available?

What are your thoughts on the turnout for the event? What do you think could have been done better?

The numbers for viewership online for the event has been very low. What do you think can be done to increase this viewership?

Consolidated response:
As we were in the process of building this new National Sports Association for esports late last year, the SEA Games announced that esports was going to be a new medal category for 2019. SGEA immediately got to work to create a new selection process from scratch so we could put forward a list of nominees together for the SNOC in time for this year’s SEA Games.

The local esports community might have expected a “traditional” esports event for the National Selections, where a great emphasis is typically placed on driving on-site attendance, maximising viewership and the overall audience experience. For the SGEA, the main objective for this particular selection exercise was to ensure we nominate the best possible, and maximum allowable candidate(s), to represent Singapore at the SEA Games in November 2019. We believe we did the best we could – given our limited time and resources – without compromising the integrity of this process.

We also decided that the Selections should be a public event and streamed online, even if we were not able to conduct the event at the same scale that esports fans might be used to.

Given these limitations, we are heartened by the overall turnout and proud of the nominees that have emerged from the selections. We look forward to SNOC’s final decision in August and also hope that the next National Esports Selections can be organised on a much larger scale.

Does the SGEA have a website that we can visit? If not, where can we find updates?

We do not currently have an official website, and our current landing page is the SGEA Facebook page.

The audience would like to know more about participating players, teams and even tournament format. Where can they find this information?

The information was posted on our Facebook page via a video here, which also linked to the page where more up-to-date information was shared.

The winners of the event are Nominated to be the Singapore representative in the 30th SEA Games. What are your thoughts on Singapore’s chances if they are elected?

We are definitely gunning for 3 medals/podium finishes at this year’s SEA Games.

How will the SGEA be supporting the Nominees in their preparation for the SEA Games?

We are in talks with our partners like Singtel and Razer to provide training areas for our selected players. We are also discussing with our counterparts from neighbouring countries on opportunities for friendlies or training camps, and planning workshops to help our esports athletes condition themselves for the Games.

When will we know if our Nominees are elected?
We will likely hear back in August (subject to SNOC’s discretion).

What words of encouragement would you say to our representatives if they are elected?

I wish them all the very best. It is exciting to be part of the first Singaporean esports contingent to compete on a regional level – so first and foremost, enjoy every step of the way! The road to SEA Games has just started and we have lots ahead of us as we chart towards November. I hope they take this opportunity to maximise their potential and fly the Singapore flag high at the SEA Games.

We look forward to hearing SNOC’s favourable reply in August. For more updates, check out the SGEA Facebook Page