SHANGHAI, 8 AUGUST 2019 — FunEase, a joint venture between FunPlus and NetEase, today launched the Auto Chess: APAC Rivals for the mobile game Auto Chess: Origin. The tournament will span from late August until 29th September 2019.

FunEase had previously successfully run projects such as the Rules of Survival Global Series (RGS) and Identity V tournaments. The RGS was built on a solid foundation of one of the most popular battle royale games Rules of Survival (RoS) that is favored by 150 million players worldwide, and a common vision to create a truly first global mobile esports league and ecosystem. FunEase’s approach combines innovative tournament formats, advanced multi-language broadcasting, exciting content and the total prize pool of $1 million USD in the 2018-2019 season alone.

Auto Chess: APAC Rivals will be the first official Auto Chess tournament in the Asia Pacific that will be played online on an Asian server. With the launch of Auto Chess: APAC Rivals, FunEase is placing US$10,000 worth of cash and in-game items as the prize pool for the tournament. The top three winners of Auto Chess: APAC Rivals will then be invited to the Auto Chess Invitational, where they will have a shot at a US$1,000,000 prize pool against the best 32 players in the world.

Project Manager Matthew Stewart said, “We want to provide a platform that talented Auto Chess players in APAC can showcase their skills, make a name for themselves and provide a path for them to take to the international stage. At the same time, fans of Auto Chess will now have a platform to support their favourite players through watching a competitive professional tournament.”

Four Regions Fight for Glory

APAC Rivals will be split into four regions: Oceania Rivals, Southeast Asia Rivals, Japan Rivals and Wildcard Rivals. Each region will have 32 slots to qualify from Ranked Online Qualifiers. Players have to register via the official website first in order to be selected for the tournament. The highest-ranked 32 players from each region will then be invited for the qualifiers. 

Once all 32 players have been identified, each region will compete in their own Regional Qualifiers in early September. Players will play through four elimination rounds of two matches until the top 16 of each region is identified. These players will then move on to the Regional Finals.

From Sept 19, 2019, the Regional Finals will commence. Players will play through three elimination rounds of two matches. This time, only the top four players from each region will be able to qualify for the Auto Chess: APAC Rivals Grand Finals.

From Sept 28, 2019, the two-day Grand Finals will commence. All 16 identified players will compete to claim the APAC Rivals Championship. The top three players also earn the right to fly to Shanghai for the Auto Chess Invitational in October.

“There are very few genres that have exploded in popularity the way Auto Battlers have. Many large developers and publishers have noticed this popularity and jumped on the bandwagon as quickly as possible. This has led to intense competition between the different games, all bringing something unique to the table and we are excited to see how it develops and grows over time!” Matthew Stewart commented.

Auto Chess: Origin players could register to compete in the Auto Chess: APAC Rivals via