The Female Esports League Mobile Elite; in a Regional battle for MLBB glory, teams from Singapore/Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, and Indonesia clashed in the Singtel Recreation Club for two whole days.

The teams that participated in the Regional Tournament are as follows:

Team Grumpy: Siti “Joy” Humairah, Shy “Min” Min, Angela “Kaylio” Sun, Angela “Bee” Xu, Holly “Holly” Chan, Joyce “Joyce” Loo,

Zero. That was the number of games Team Grumpy (TG) won until they hit the loser’s bracket. They lost all six games from Day 1’s Round Robin. They then also lost their Best of Three match against SFI Queen to be knocked down into the lower bracket.

SFI Queen: Leticia “Lamia” Rolanda, Violetta “Caramel” Aurelia, Crestisa “Pucci“, Vanessa “Pixie” Nicola, , Melissa “Lele” Hamzah, Silvia “SysyllYo” Asyhari,

On the contrary, SFI Queen (SFI) never dropped a single game all the way till the Grand Finals. Not a single one, beating Bren Victress to lay in wait for their challenger.

Rock bottom: Grumpy had a long road to climb back up

It looked as if TG were ready to play their last game and call it a day. But even then, TG dug deep and mounted their comeback. Upon securing a great draft against Venus Vixens (VV), they played to their win conditions perfectly, shutting out VV and eliminating them from the tournament.

With their first ever game win in the tournament, TG finally started to regain confidence, beating out Bren Victress as well in convincing fashion to meet SFI in the finals.

Little did they expect that their newfound strength would overpower even SFI in a clean 3-0 victory in the grand finals to complete the miracle run towards the finish line. I spoke to Team Grumpy after their surprising win and they expressed how surprised they were too at winning the entire thing.

The number one female team in the region!

Congratulations on your win today. It was really unexpected. If you had to point out one thing that changed from yesterday to today?

To be honest, we had conflicts yesterday after all the games. But today, we decided to clear things up and trust each other.

Yesterday we had no clear leadership. We decided to learn from the other teams and their drafting. We mostly fixed our drafting and thus managed to do better in game.

Team Grumpy drafting for the win

For the Finals, you suddenly picked Lapu-Lapu. Is this your secret strategy? What was the reason behind that pick?

It was mostly because Leomord and Thamuz are our usual and meta picks. They took one and banned the other, so we decided to use Lapu-Lapu.

Name an MVP for your team.

Min. But there’s really no MVP. Everyone really did very well in that match.
Bee: For today only. Later when we go back ranked, we’re going on a 10 – lose streak. [Laughs]

How long have you been playing together as a team?

We only formed two weeks before we started competing. We didn’t even expect to win the Singapore/Malaysia Qualifier because we just randomly formed our team. We were named Exoticism back then, but to give mercy on all the casters that could not pronounce it correctly, we decided to rebrand into Team Grumpy. (Laugh)

There are a lot of friends and family supporting you today. Even a baby showed up. What would you like to say to them?

Thanks for all the support and not giving up on us, even though we lost everything yesterday (laughs).

What do you think can be done to encourage more Females to play MLBB?

There are actually a lot of females playing MLBB. But sometimes people think the female names are catfishing. Actually, our victory proves that girls can also do well in MLBB, even though this is a female-only tournament. There are also girls among pros, so give some credit to the girls.

What’s next for Team Grumpy?

We’re looking for sponsors to find us. Be sure to look for us.

Where can people look for you online?

I think you can just DM our IGNs in MLBB. Follow us in MLBB and come and contact us.

The FSL Elite: MLBB is done for the year. Next up will be the FSL: Arena of Valor circuit from Jun – Sep. Be sure to follow the FSL: Mobile tournament here.