We caught up with TNC’s Pos 4 player Timothy “Tims” Randrup in the ONE Esports Pro World Invitational held in Singapore.

What do you feel about the new patch? Do you feel it changes anything for Pos 4?

For Pos 4, nothing much changed, maybe just the item drop RNG which is fine. Now it’s about the map, like controlling outposts.

Do you think Neutral item drops can make a big swing?

I think it can make a big swing for cores, but I forget the item names.

TNC used to be a full Pinoy team, how does it feel now that you guys have players from outside the country? Do you think they bring something different?

When we were a full Pinoy stack we were too noisy, we said a lot of unnecessary things in game. With foreigners we speak in English we don’t have those small, unnecessary things, so we get clearer communications. We used to shout in the mic when we were 5 Pinoys.

As a young player, do you have any advice for young Filipinos looking to start competing professionally?

If you feel you have a future, keep at it, but it also depends if your parents support you. Minimum 6-7k for support roles!

Favorite pinoy food?

Kare kare with sisig

Where in the Philippines are you from?

Pampanga City