TNC Predator Tae-won “March” Park’s journey took him from being a player, to coach and now a player again. Here he shares with us why he chose Dota 2 over League of Legends and his experiences playing on different teams.

Why did you choose to be a pro player for Dota 2 instead of League of Legends?

Mach: Dota 2 came out before League of Legends. I played League of Legends for a decent amount of time when I quit Dota for 3 months. I was able to hit Diamond I in season two (for context, Diamond I was the highest tier in that season, equivalent to the current rank of Challenger, or Immortal in Dota). I just like Dota 2 more, that’s why I came back to it.

Why did you choose to become a coach, and now back to being a player?

Because I still wanted to be part of the scene. I have a lot to bring to a team, especially during TI I became a coach. Besides the fact thatI didn’t qualify for it, I still had the knowledge and there were a lot of people who believed in my ideas.

I was offered to be a coach and I was offered to be a player. The opportunity to be a player was better.

What’s the difference being on a team with Southeast Asian players compared to your previous experiences?

I’ve played more with Westerners. I was in J Storm with Westerners. Before that, I was MVP with Koreans and playing with Filipinos right now. 

There’s a lot of cultural differences. As a Korean, I’ll say it’s easier working with Asians. We have similar work ethic and very similar working attitudes.

SK Telecom T1 recently announced their investment into Dota 2 this year with a new team. What are your thoughts on the Korean Dota 2 scene?

I think SKT has good players and they’re a really good organisation but there are just not that many Korean Dota 2 players. I think SKT T1 is aiming for the global scene.

Have you met Faker before?

I met him at a Worlds ceremony but I didn’t talk to him. 

Do you think with enough time you could hit Challenger in League of Legends?

If I was younger. (laughs)

You’ve played in many countries in your career. Which one is your favourite and why?

The place I like most is Las Vegas. It was a very fun tournament and I won it too. It was my first time in Vegas. I’ve visited Singapore seven or eight times. It’s clean and I definitely like it. It’s a country I might want to live in as well.

The next international Dota 2 event in Singapore will be the Singapore Major held in June 2020, also organised by ONE Esports and PGL.