We caught up with Kpii in the ONE Esports Pro World Invitational and asked him a few questions about the meta, and his favorite Filipino food.

What do feel about the state of the game right now, any thoughts on the meta changes?

This meta is much more fast-paced for a few reasons. One is (the) outposts, you kind of have fight all the time (around them). Second reason is that the jungle areas are more open and there are more angles to attack. So it’s harder to play slow, defend areas and just farm. For example, teams like Vici, they are doing very well because they are aggressive as fuck. For us, we kinda won the Major playing slow and just farming, so maybe that is hurting us a little bit.

How does it feel playing in SEA after playing in China for a while?

I’d say the culture in China is more hardcore. People in China spend more time into it. As for Pubs, they are crazier in SEA. There’s good and bad in that.

Do you see yourself doing something in the pro scene like casting, analysis, coaching, streaming. Are these considerations for the future?

They are possibilities, but I’m not thinking about any of that right now. I’m just doing what I have to do right now, which is try to win. I’m still trying to slowly build social media and stuff because I know it is going to be important for later. You can find me @kpiidota at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Are you planning to do TikTok?

I actually watch a lot of TikTok. But I’m not a photogenic guy, therefore my instagram is like 1k followers, because I’m shy.

Last August, you tweeted ”direct invites for bitches” but winning the recent Major pretty much qualified you for TI10. Does it change anything with how the team plays out this season?

I’m not too sure about this. I feel like this team is going to just keep playing. Maybe we won’t be as hardcore at the start, but we’re still going play most likely every Major and every qualifier. I guess it’s a bit early to tell. We don’t really have anything else to do but play Dota anyway, so we’re just going to play.

What’s your favorite Filipino food?

I just like the Beef Tapa for lunch or dinner. I usually skip breakfast.