With the earlier departure of Fly and S4 from OG, OG looked to be in shambles. The roster already could not qualify via DPC points, as they’ve replaced Resolut1on earlier in the year, with Ceb subbing in. They needed two players on short notice to fill the roster, and most decent and available players have already made it to other teams, due to the roster lock.

Ana and Topson were added for the EU Qualifiers, in order to make a run for TI8.

With only 1 EU Qualifier slot this year, OG made their way handily through the Open Qualifiers, and the Regional Qualifiers – securing a slot for TI yet again with their most unproven roster yet. OG has won 4 majors – 2 last season with ana, and 2 more in the previous season with Miracle.

Coming into TI8, OG were not expected to make a deep run, especially with how strong teams looked across the board for the whole tournament. However, this was proven wrong when OG secured an Upper Bracket slot after the group stages.

Before their first Main Event match, we were able to see an interview with OG, with Kaci asking N0tail about what happened. Check out the interview below:

Today, OG showed they’re more than deserving of their shot at the Aegis – defeating the surging VGJ.Storm lineup (consisting of their ex-teammate, Resolut1ion) and attaining their highest placing yet – 6th place – with the most unexpected roster. OG now look to continue their Upper Bracket run tomorrow in a a game against Evil Geniuses, and ex-teammates Fly and S4 – a storyline that just writes itself.

Will N0tail and OG be able to exact their revenge on their previous teammates, or will the Boys in Blue prevail?