Day 4 is a much more relaxed day, with only 3 series (yesterday’s 4 series went all the way until midnight). Here’s a TLDR:

  • Virtus Pro eliminate Optic Gaming in a 2-1.
  • Team Secret figure out VGJ.Storm and wipe them 2-0. Will face Team Liquid tomorrow.
  • Evil Geniuses prove to be better than the slumping Virtus Pro, ending them in 2-0. EG secures top 4 placement.
  • Chinese Legends vs OpenAI 1-0 (Watch here). Humans are now career 2-0 over Skynet.
  • The All-Star match! It’s fun to watch with context. This year’s All-Star game is Mutation Mode! (Watch)
  • Tomorrow we have:
    • Team Liquid vs Team Secret (1am GMT+8)
    • PSG.LGD vs OG (4am GMT+8)
    • Winner of Team Liquid vs Team Secret vs Evil Geniuses (7am GMT+8)

Day 4 Standings

TI8 Main Stage Day 4 Standings c/o Wykrhm Reddy

Optic Gaming vs Virtus Pro

Result: Optic Gaming 1-2 Virtus Pro


Optic performed better than anyone thought they would end up in – top 8 in TI. They took off Game 1 against Virtus Pro, with Pajkatt’s Clinkz and CCnC’s Huskar both going 11-0 each. VP quickly regrouped, dumpstering Optic 60-22 in Game 2 behind Pasha’s Tiny and Ramzes’s Broodmother. Game 3 was even more of a one sided match – with VP controlling the game out of the gates, finishing off Optic in 25 minutes.

What went well for VP: Fast paced lane domination allowed VP to play their very aggressive style, quickly choking Optic’s map out and taking objectives as fast as they can.

Team Secret vs VGJ.Storm

Result: Team Secret 2-0 VGJ.Storm


VGJ.Storm also exceeded expectations in TI8, dropped to the lower bracket by OG. Team Secret on the other hand have been underperforming, even being 1 game close away from elimination against Vici Gaming. Secret has mastermind Puppey that has figured VGJ.Storm’s strength – Resolut1on’s Drow Ranger. With the Drow banned, VGJ looked like a different team, and behind MidOne on Clinkz, we saw the tempo controlled by Team Secret for the most of the game.

What went well for Secret: MidOne on Clinkz, Puppey’s Silencer, and the Drow Ranger taken away from VGJ.Storm

Next Matchup: Team Secret vs. Team Liquid

Evil Geniuses vs Virtus Pro

Result: Evil Geniuses 2-0 Virtus Pro


So this series is interesting – Virtus Pro just came off winning their series against Optic Gaming earlier in the day, having to fight a fresh and hungry EG. Even in the series against Optic, they did not look like they’ve found the same groove they’ve had all year. On the other hand, besides the loss to OG, this EG squad actually looks like they have a fair shot at reaching the Grand Finals.

Game 1 was a classic EG game – drafting around Sumail on Storm, having Drow Ranger for the aura, and Pugna to counter the Necrophos.

Game 2 was a back-and-forth game, until EG opened up the game with a 5 man wipe on the VP squad. EG then proceeded to build up their lead up to 26k at the 45 minute mark when EG wiped VP out and No[o]ne twice in 30 seconds.

Next Matchup: EG vs Winner of Team Secret vs Team Liquid