We finally get a 3 game series in Day 3!


  • MUST WATCH – Anime fight between OG and EG. Scroll down below for rundown,
  • VGJ.Storm eliminate Winstrike Team in a convincing 2-0.
  • Team Secret force a Game 3 against Vici Gaming, and eliminate them (must watch!)
  • PSG.LGD is the last Chinese team in the tournament, defeating defending champions Team Liquid 2-0, and secures Top 3.
  • Pain Gaming saves us from Skynet by beating OpenAI. Watch!

Sheever’s Story

Definitely something to watch. Kaci goes to the Netherlands to talk to Sheever about her diagnosis, and battle with cancer.

Day 3 Standings

TI8 Main Stage Day 3 Standings c/o Wykrhm Reddy

VGJ.Storm vs Winstrike Team

Result: VGJ.Storm 2-0 Winstrike

Dotabuff Series

Winstrike upset Newbee in the BO1 elimination round, and have already overcome expectations at this point. VGJ.Storm on the other hand, fell to OG, but still looked strong. This matchup was meant to be one sided, and VGJ.Storm showed their mettle. Winstrike did not have a chance and quickly fell out of the tournament, getting destroyed by Resolut1on’s Drow Ranger 2 games in a row.

Next Matchup: VGJ.Storm vs Team Secret (LB3B)

Team Secret vs Vici Gaming

Result: Team Secret 2-1 Vici Gaming

Dotabuff Series

Our first and only 3-game series so far! Vici Gaming took Game 1 after an hour long game. Team Secret, however quickly figured out how to play around VG – to play fast. Secret played high tempo heroes, and even treated the crowd to a MidOne Invoker. Secret eliminate VG, leaving PSG.LGD as the last Chinese team in TI8 – last year, China had 3 teams in the Upper Bracket, only to be defeated by the eventual champion in Team Liquid.

Next Matchup: VGJ.Storm vs Team Secret

PSG.LGD vs Team Liquid

Result: PSG.LGD 2-0 Team Liquid

Dotabuff Series

Team Liquid did not have a stellar year, only winning 1 major in the DPC. LGD did not look so great either, only finding their groove towards the end of the season (they missed 3 majors). However, LGD looked very strong coming into TI – securing two back to back majors. Only VP had more major wins this year (4).

The group stages showed Liquid looking poised to take their second title. However, in an unexpected turn of events, LGD made quick work out of Team Liquid, sweeping them 2-0 in both very convincing wins. Liquid will need to figure out how to stop LGD from getting their way with the drafts – I think a Tiny ban is actually a must against LGD at this point.

Next Matchups:

  • LGD vs OG (UB Finals)
  • Team Liquid vs (Winner of VGJ.Storm vs Team Secret)
  • EG vs (Winner of Optic Gaming vs Virtus Pro)

Evil Geniuses vs OG

Result: EG 1-2 OG

Series Dotabuff

That was the best series of TI8 thus far. Possibly top 3 series of all time.

Let’s preface this with some context – back in May, OG announced the departure of Fly and S4. Given that Notail and Fly started OG, and they’ve been inseparable since even before they moved to Dota 2, this was a big deal.

Back then, it was already speculated that OG will not be able to find any players that could possibly take them for a deep TI run. EG, on the other hand, looked to be growing stronger under the leadership of Fly. OG took the only EU qualifier spot in the weakest region, but still were not expected to make a deep TI run. Yesterday, they secured Top 6 by beating VGJ.Storm.

This series however, proved that OG is not what everyone expected them to be. In Game 1, Topson showed he was a top-tier caliber player, standing toe to toe with Sumail in mid, even with an unfavorable Invoker matchup. Game 2 showed us a huge swing, with EG turning everything around in one teamfight, even after losing a set of Barracks less than 20 minutes into the game.

In an already close series, Game 3 proved to be an even more nail-biting match. Sumail quickly racked up kills across the map, getting a Beyond Godlike streak – twice. OG, however, would be able to hold on after a great fight at Roshan (where Sumail still got an Ultra Kill) that allowed them to buy more time for Spectre (ana) to catch up.

35 minutes into the game, EG was knocking on OG’s base with 2 lanes of rax down, when Sumail commits this blunder:

This, in my opinion, was the tipping point of the game. Sumail accidentally throws their carry Arteezy into OG. EG missed their window to end the game, and Spectre goes hyper carry at the 40 minute mark. That’s also about when Tiny falls off – basically swinging everything OG’s way.

In the end of the series, we see the handshake – where Notail gives a very obvious staredown to former teammate Fly.

The storylines could not have been better. Congratulations to OG for more than exceeding all expectations through the tournament.

Here’s tomorrow’s schedule: