Day 2 had a lot of things going on, with 2 elimination series, and a lot of other goodies for Battle Pass owners. A quick TL;DR before we get into the games:

  • OG places their highest TI ranking since the inception of the org, securing 6th place and sending VGJ.Storm to the Lower Bracket.
  • EG makes it to top 6, beating Team Secret and securing the anime battle of EG vs OG for Day 4.
  • Team Serenity are eliminated by Optic Gaming. PSG.LGD and VG are the only Chinese teams left in the tournament
  • Mineski are eliminated by Virtus Pro. There are no more SEA teams in the tournament.
  • The Gaben Mega Kills Announcer Pack is released, free to all Battle Pass owners!
  • Rubick wins the Arcana vote! (In a shockingly underwhelming reveal during the event)

  • Dota 2 Short Film Contest Winners:
    1. First place: On the Cliff
    2. Second place: Ursa Minor


    3. Third place: GLHF

Day 2 Standings

Fun fact: After Day 2, every BO3 series so far has ended in a 2-0 (Valve can’t count to 3 amirite??).

TI8 Main Stage Day 2 Standings c/o Wykrhm Reddy

VGJ.Storm vs OG (UB1C)

Result: VGJ.Storm 0-2 OG

Series Dotabuff | VOD

An unexpected result. VGJ.Storm topped their group in the Group Stage, choosing OG as their matchup. OG looked pretty good, but not particularly like a TI-winning team initially. With the last-minute departure of S4 and Fly, most people did not have expectations for OG. However, with the 2-0 over VGJ.Storm, they’ve secured 6th place in TI8 – their highest TI placement yet, and this includes the run with Miracle- and last year’s run with ana.

Next Matchups:

  • OG vs EG (UB2B)
  • VGJ.S vs Winstrike (LB2C)

Evil Geniuses vs Team Secret (UB1D)

Result: EG 2-0 Team Secret

Series Dotabuff | VOD

Due to the late roster change adding Fly and S4 to the team, EG had to go through Open Qualifiers on their road to TI. Initially shaky, EG did not look like a TI-winning team, but they slowly found their groove with the leadership of Fly. Securing a TI slot in what seemed to be the weakest NA scene thus far, the stacked EG lineup looked to impress – and they did that handily during the Group Stages, tying the defending champions Team Liquid in their group at 13-3.

Secret, on the other hand, was top 3 in DPC, with a consistent lineup through the year. However, during this series, EG’s star-studded roster stepped up, with Arteezy’s Ursa scoring 18-2 in Game 1, and Sumail’s Gyrocopter scoring 17-2 in Game 2.

Next Matchups:

  • OG vs EG (UB2B)
  • Team Secret vs Vici Gaming (LB2D)

Optic Gaming vs Team Serenity

Result: Optic Gaming 2-0 Team Serenity

Series Dotabuff | VOD

Wings Jr. as some people liked to call them. I disagree – I think most people are romanticizing Team Serenity’s run because they’re a team of 5 young and unproven players. What it does show is that young blood players are starting to rise in the Chinese scene. Optic were no pushovers, however – only that they were bested by defending champions Team Liquid. Optic showed their experience in this series, with CCnC popping off with Storm Spirit in Game 1, and Pajkatt tearing it up with Ursa in Game 2.

Next Matchup:

  • Optic Gaming vs Virtus Pro (LB3A)

Virtus Pro vs Mineski

Result: Virtus Pro 2-0 Mineski

Series Dotabuff | VOD

The last bastion of SouthEast Asia, Mineski looked to try and take a series off the top DPC team in Virtus Pro. VP looked shaky and erratic in their series against PSG.LGD, with many questionable plays and decisions. Mineski, on the other hand, did not look that great against TNC nor the Group Stage either – looking very uncoordinated, unlike their epic DAC run.

Mineski did not let down though and put up a good fight, even almost winning Game 1. However, Virtus Pro pulled off an amazing teamfight to get the 1-0 advantage, and quickly steamrolled Mineski in Game 2 with Clinkz and Ursa core picks.

Next Matchup:

  • Optic Gaming vs Virtus Pro (LB3A)

Day 3 Schedule

Day 3 starts at 10am PDT (1am GMT+8) again with a rolling schedule. Tomorrow, we’ll also have an OpenAI Match in between the Lower Bracket and Upper Bracket games! As usual, expect times to be later if there are Game 3s.

TI8 Main Stage Day 3 Standings c/o Wykrhm Reddy