Two New Heroes

At the end of the last series of the day, two cinematic trailers were shown for two new heroes – Mars and Grimstroke.


Available NOW. Grimstroke is a ranged support with a very packed skillset. His ultimate, Soulbind, shackles two enemy heroes together. They can’t walk far away from each other, and any single target spells cast on one, will also affect the other.

Read more about Grimstroke:


Little is currently known about Mars. However, it could be a code name as well – Dark Willow was codenamed Sylph in the leaks. Mars also had some of his assets leaked (read here). Mars will be released later in the year in the winter.

Team Liquid vs Team Secret

Result: Team Liquid 2-0 Team Secret


Another El Classico – Puppey and Kuroky are both known masterminds who started their own teams after splitting up from NaVi. In this series though, Team Secret looked very unprepared for Team Liquid – leaving Broodmother up open for both games. Puppey also ran Chen for both games, and did not seem very effective. Team Liquid just ran what they were comfortable with and finished with a quick 2-0 over Team Secret.

What went well for Liquid: Broodmother. Seriously – 100% winrate and they can pick it first pick without any fear. No need to risk it against MATUMBAMAN.

Next Matchup: Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses


Result: PSG.LGD 1-2 OG


OG delivers yet again with another nailbiting series.

Game 1 looked like an outdraft by LGD, with a Huskar last pick. However, Ceb (7ckingMad) went off on Enchantress, quickly snowballing OG and inhibiting the Huskar, as Impetus goes through his magic resistance.

Game 2 was Maybe’s time to shine – LGD was able to get him Storm Spirit, with which he showed why he is considered China’s Miracle.

OG then secured their spot in the Grand Finals in Game 3- defeating LGD in a nailbiter off of a dunk by JerAx, punishing LGD for overstaying and getting diebacks off Mirana and Terrorblade:

OG then was able to finish off the rest of LGD and skipped the rest of the barracks straight to the throne to finish at least top 2.

Honestly this series could have gone either way. Both drafts were fine and it all came down to the execution. LGD wanted to force a finish in Game 3, but overstayed their welcome and possibly did not expect Topson to be able to hold long enough for his team to respawn.

What went well for OG: JerAx being a god at the game. Also Maybe not being in top form.

Next Matchup: OG vs Winner of Lower Bracket Finals

Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses

Result: Team Liquid 0-2 Evil Geniuses


Two of the biggest Western favorites – Liquid looked to have another shot at defending their title – but EG had other plans. In Game 1, Sumail’s Storm Spirit ran amuck and made amazing plays that just kept putting Liquid down. Game 2 was a much faster game, with EG dominating Liquid off the bat from the early game.

I personally thought Liquid looked like they drafted very differently against EG. I felt that sticking to their regular style might have had a better chance, but they might know something we don’t from their scrims.

What went well for EG: They forced Team Liquid to play out of their comfort zone. EG played to their high tempo strength and eked out the wins.

Next Matchup: Evil Geniuses vs PSG.LGD