In a strange series of events, multiple Dota personalities, staff, and players, seem to have fallen sick, or ate something bad. Starting with the incident stemming months ago around TNC and Kuku, leading to the player getting banned from the Major.

Tensions were rising when fans all wanted to call for Valve to take action. Not normally known for policing the scene,
Valve issued a statement, banning Kuku from the Chongqing Major, and docking TNC 20% of their current DPC points for making matters worse.

TNC was still allowed to participate the Major with a standin, and no DPC penalties afterwards. They bought in

A week before the Major, Liquid announced that superstar Miracle would not be participating in the Chongqing Major.

This announcement immediately roused rumors that it was due to tensions between the Chinese and Polish government. However, this was quickly dispelled by Cyborgmatt.

This proves that it was in no means related to any political tensions. In the interim, Liquid then announced Shadow (former TI6 champion from Wings) as their stand-in.

However, it didn’t stop there. Zayac from The Pango (formerly No Pangolier) also did not get his Visa in time for the major, thus had a standin from Gambit:

During the course of the Major itself, Weppas tweeted that he had to be in the hospital for 3 days – due to an infection as well as kidney stones.

To add to that, even Fogged seemed to be having stomach issues (though not serious)

After this, fans on Reddit also discovered that Shadow had also been admitted to the hospital, falling sick after a dinner with fellow ex-Wings players. He was reportedly sick during the day they were playing their upper bracket series against Secret, where they fell 0-2.

On 22nd Jan, Tobi tweeted that Solo is also sick, and that VP’s manager, ArsZeeqq will be standing in for their upper bracket series against PSG.LGD

(SPOILERS) Virtus.Pro actually took the series 2-0 over LGD. Looks like this is the second team LGD falls to with a coach subbing in (first team was OG – twice in TI8).

So far that’s all the interesting news outside of the games in Chongqing. To give it credit, the Chongqing major games have been very exciting. We even had a Triple Rampage from Nisha earlier today:

Hopefully no more mishaps, and that all players will be healthy from today onwards, as well as speedy recovery to everyone that has fallen sick in the major.