The ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore is in full swing. While PSG.LGD bowed out earlier in the tournament, we sat down and caught up with the TI9 3rd Place/TI8 Runner-Up team member xNova.

We rarely see rosters stick together, but the current LGD squad has been successful together for almost 2 full years. Do you feel sticking together is good for a team?

I can’t say if it was good for the team. We decided to stick together because we trusted each other to go much further, because we were one step away from winning TI. The reason we stuck together was because we trusted each other and mentality, atmosphere (and) everything was still very good.

What do you feel about the new patch especially since supports can get some lower tier neutral items now?

Basically as a support, you just get any neutral items that the cores don’t need. Yeah, just pick up the rubbish. *laughs*

How different is it playing in China vs in SEA? For both pubs and pro?

For ranked games or pub games, I think the Chinese are much more try-hard. They communicate a lot with each other. As compared to SEA, where it is more based on individual skill; everyone wants to out-perform (each other) in the game. But it’s also probably because of the language differences.

For the pro scene, the teams in China are much more stacked and it’s harder to win or qualify for a tournament compared to SEA.

What is one thing you can advise any aspiring player from Malaysia?

Just keep on doing what you think you’re good at.

Do you try to teach English to your other teammates?

I think some of them can understand English but cannot speak well. So I usually help to translate for them. Ame or Chalice understand English better compared to the others.

Is Malaysian food really better than Singaporean food?

Most of it, I guess… *grins

But there’s also some food from Singapore that is very good. I think Singapore’s Chicken Rice and Chilli Crab can compete. For Malaysia, Bak Kut Teh definitely wins.