We’re following the events happening around the Fnatic roster change involving Ohaiyo.

After the initial announcement, there was much speculation around the community, with people showing frustrations with EternalEnvy and the Fnatic organization, and strong opinions from some players and managers in the region.

Here’s a quick timeline of events. Click on each to read more.

  1. Mineski Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Kenchi Yap posts about Fnatic securing a major slot and kicking a player. This is where all speculation started.
  2. Fnatic announces Ohaiyo’s departure
  3. Ohaiyo shares his feelings on how everything was handled
  4. Fnatic releases a statement clarifying the situation
  5. Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao speaks about the situation in an interview with HotBid. He talks about how Mushi apolgized to him, and about Kenchi’s post. Reddit Summary | VOD:
  6. Mushi explains that they’re upset about the way the situation was handled, and not the decision itself.
  7. Kenchi posts chat logs with Ohaiyo and Eric, explaining that he kept everything professional, even knowing about the possibility of the roster move as early as December, but was very upset about the way everything turned out in the end.
  8. Mushi explains that he did apologize to Fnatic, but clarifies that he does not agree with how things were handled still. He calls out EE to stop trying to find more excuses and trying to escape blame.
  9. MidOne chimes in and expresses his opinion on the issue

We’ll be updating this page to keep track of the situation. Stay tuned for more updates!