On 28th September, former LGD social media contractor Stoyan “Staka” Stoyanov posted on Twitter that LGD owed him around $9000. At that point, he has already been out of the team.

Today, LGD released a full statement of their side of the situation, outlining the agreements set and that they did in fact, not owe Staka any money.


You can find the cleaned up transcript below:

On the evening of September 16, 2019, the security information of the official Instagram account (teamlgd) of the LGD Gaming has been stolen by former overseas media commissioner Stoyan Stoyanov (Staka).

We tried to communicate repeatedly with Staka after he stole the account, change the password and backup email address, but Staka refused to return it and attempted to threaten us to advantage himself by paying him for certain amount of money.

In response, we have filed an account complaint to Instagram officials.

Now we announce the following statement:
Effective immediately, the official Instagram account of the LGD Gaming “teamlgd” will be changed to “teamlgdgaming” from 29 September 2019 onwards, All information posted by teamlgd is irrelevant to LGD Gaming.

We appreciated all works that he has been doing for years. But unfortunately, Staka’s actions have seriously violated business ethics and code of conduct and he has been dismissed from LGD Gaming and no longer have any rights and responsibilities on it. We will also strengthen the management of personnel to avoid a similar situation from happening again.

The following is a supplementary note about Staka’s tenure:

Staka has been disadvantaging us by uploading all the team videos and contents to his own YouTube account without our permission, selling the our merchandises on his own eBay account, personally messaging people to follow his personal account using team’s official account.

After Staka’s departure, he posted a false news about we didn’t paid his salary and creating rumors on his personal Twitter account. The following is the official response of the LGD Gaming:

LGD paid Staka’s salary for entire years, without any debt at all. He claims that the LGD only paid his salary to run Twitter and Facebook, but still need to pay different salary to run Instagram. Which we had agreement for him to run all overseas media, to handle release of English media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Staka blackmailed our company to pay eleven minimum wage salaries for Instagram, and$2,500 for the Facebook account login problem, But he did not explicitly declare the problem, and there was no proof to confirm the use of the $2,500.He threatened that if the club refused to pay the amount, he would delete all the contents, and change all the name, and the profile info, and use it as his own. Staka’s behavior is a gross extortion of us, we will not compromise.

There are a lot of things that we tolerated from Stoyanov, and that we didn’t make public despite breaching the contract on several occasions, but with him deciding to go public with false claims, we are ready to get our legal team involved if Stoyanov doesn’t publicly apologize to LGD Gaming for the damage he has made with his tweet. Stoyan’s behavior is a gross extortion of us, we will not compromise.​​​

At this point, with both sides pointing fingers, we can’t be too sure as to who is actually telling the truth. But you can follow LGD’s new Twitter account here: @teamlgdgaming

Staka is currently still handling English social media for Vici Gaming, and we will likely hear from his side again:

Staka has written a full statement against LGD’s accusations. However at this point there still is no hard evidence from either side.