Twenty million.

Dota’s The International always breaks the record for the largest prize pool for any esports competition – specifically its own record. This is achieved through the support of millions of fans across the world through in-game purchases related to the event, and this year’s slew of loot and perks from The International Battle Pass will not disappoint.

Here’s a reference of the prices:

  • Battle Pass Level 1 – $9.99 USD
  • Battle Pass Level 75 – $36.99 USD
  • 5 Levels – $2.49 USD
  • 11 Levels – $4.99 USD
  • 24 Levels – $9.99 USD

We’ve read through what this year’s Battle Pass has in store for us – so here’s a quick overview of what new things we’re getting:

New Battle Pass Feautres

  1. Siltbreaker – A Dota2 Multiplayer Campaign

    A campaign split into two acts. The first act will be available later this month, and the second in July. Go into the campaign with a 4 man party of friends, and earn enough Campaign XP to spin the Wheel of Rewards to win an event exclusive Desert Sands Baby Roshan!

  2. Battle Point Tribute

    Add bonus tokens to your teams’s wagers! Think of it as a 250/500/1000 token bet ON TOP of your team members’ bets. This should make queueing and betting with your team much more exciting – win more tokens together!

  3. Team Quests

    Looks like Valve isn’t holding back on making Dota a better team game. There will be a team-objective Path that require you and your teammates to work together to achieve!

  4. Prestige Towers

    The higher your team’s combined Battle Pass level is, the more choices you have for tower constructs. We assume these are simply tower skins, but it’s definitely interesting.

  5. Queue Trivia

    An evolved Shopkeeper’s Quiz, this Trivia game serves as a way for you to level your Battle Pass as well.

  6. Favorite Team

    Show off your favorite team’s flair with effects such as Teleport Effects, Profile Icons, and Effigy flags. Just collect the full set of 5 Fantasy cards for your team.

  7. Rank Double Down

    Bet twice the MMR gain or loss – climb the ladder (or go down the ladder!) faster if you’re brave!

    • Battle Pass Level 1: Once a week
    • Battle Pass Level 255: Twice a week
    • Battle Pass Level 395: Thrice a week
  8. Relics

    More cosmetic effects – a Global item (means you can use it with any hero) that you can earn by playing 3 games weekly. You get to play another minigame called Slark’s Riptide Rumble, and Relics are immediately marketable and tradeable.

Returning Battle Pass Features

Of course the classics will be back as well!

  1. Wagering
  2. Arcana Vote (I personally want a Puck arcana plz)
  3. Seasonal Matchmaking – Play 40 games to recalibrate your MMR – similar to last year’s. We’ve heard that there’s a cap in calibration now, however.
  4. Battle Cup
  5. Prize Pool Prediction
  6. The International Compendium

The 2017 Immortal Treasure 1

Check out a preview of the first batch of immortals:

Immortals cannot be traded (except for Ultra Rare ones), but can be gifted ONCE

Seasonal Chat Wheel Sounds

They’re bringing memes to a whole new level. Play a team-wide chat wheel sound from the following:

  1. Level 26 – Sound Effect Five Pack A
  2. Level 107 – Sound Effect Five Pack B
  3. Level 157 – Patience from Zhou
  4. Level 207 – Waow
  5. Level 257 – They’re all dead!
  6. Level 307 – Brutal. Savage. Rekt.
  7. Level 357 – [All] It’s a disastah!

Prize of the Saltworn Mariner

Kunkka gets a Prestige Item and a Quest Path that unlocks at Level 225. HIS SHIP TURNS INTO A SHARK!

Kunkka & Tidehunter Announcer Pack

Get an announcer pack and killing spree bundle of this iconic duo at Level 75.

Trust of the Benefactor

A treasure… with more treasures inside! Get an Immortal I/Immortal II/Immortal III and a chance for a limited Extra Rare item!


Get the following taunts at these levels:

  1. Level 1 – Jakiro

    “Fluid Mechanics”

  2. Level 14 – Clinkz


  3. Level 38 – Techies

    “We Have Liftoff”

  4. Level 95 – Winter Wyvern

    “Pleasant Distraction”

  5. Level 119 – Kunkka

    “Step Lively”

  6. Level 182 – Storm Spirit

    “In the Spirit of Peace”

  7. Level 275 – Lifestealer

    “Chain Break Dance”

  8. Level 345 – Crystal Maiden

    “Making Friends”

Hermes the Hermit Crab

This year’s Evolving Courier is a cute crab!

Other Effects

  • River Vials
  • Special Seasonal Effects
  • Seasonal Terrain
  • Evolving Ward
  • Music Pack
  • Emoticons

Commemorative Aegis

For the truly hardcore, Valve is sending out an Aegis as is tradition to those who make it to level 1000.

Are you getting this year’s battle pass? Check out the full page http://www.dota2.com/international/battlepass/ for more information