Team Liquid remains the only non-Chinese team in The International, and must fight a difficult 3 games to win The International. Meanwhile Newbee and LFY sit at the top, fighting to secure a Grand Finals appearance.


Result: 2-0 (Winner: LGD)

One of the fastest Best of 3’s, and possibly the quickest series this TI, LGD took a total of 48:25 game time (excluding pre-horn), exerting dominance over what people considered was the weakest Chinese team. Maybe shut Op down, and Victoria‘s setups and ganks were just too much for IG to handle.

Player of the series: Victoria

Newbee vs LFY

Result: 2:1 (Winner: Newbee)

The battle for the Upper Bracket spot in the Grand Finals, both Newbee and LFY look strong enough to win it all. Newbee had the winning edge, winning when Sccc was on a scaling carry that they can make space for. Another thing to note is that Newbee puts priority on the Earth Spirit, asĀ kaka has shown how ridiculous hero, and at the same time denying this pick fromĀ ah fu, who has also shown prowess on the hero.

Newbee likes having Sccc play the harder carry, with Moogy on the semi-carry and space creator in the Bloodseeker. LFY unfortunately falls in Game 3, with their Omniknight offlane pick never panning out throughout the game.

Player of the game: kaka

LGD vs Team Liquid

Most have not been able to successfully beat Old Eleven on Magnus, winning 75% of their games (8-4) on it this TI. Team Liquid was ready for it however, sticking to their bans on the Ancient Apparition and Nightstalker. Note that Team Liquid likes playing heroes with a lot of healing and regeneration, including Necrophos, Alchemist, Huskar, and the like. AA also can disrupt their splitpush, as his ultimate contributes to waveclear and kills across the map. Miracle-‘s Morphling in Game 1 got off to a really good start, and LGD’s Phantom Assassin pick was just caught every single time by a Blink-Fissure and Reaper’s Scythe combo, which just deleted him off the game.

Team Liquid in Game 2 was horrifying – they were able to draft a Huskar lineup. LGD tried to deny this by picking the Oracle from Team Liquid, but they quickly get the Dazzle to help the Huskar, and picked Death Prophet and Timbersaw, possibly in an attempt to cut down the Huskar. Honestly, I thought a Phantom Assassin would’ve been better here, and LGD did not look good with the Timbersaw pick at all.

Player of the series: GH

Dendi vs OpenAI

What’s an International without Dendi eh? Na’Vi did not make it this year, but Dendi still shows up of course.

Machine reveals that Dendi will be playing against an OpenAI bot – a self-learning AI that learns from itself, and matches against other players. Dendi had the difficult task of beating this AI project that they say was only beaten once by pros – of course it was Suma1L.

The AI starts showing off an immaculate creep block, not surprising as it can execute mechanical feats with 100% accuracy. Dendi then attempts to out last-hit and trade with OpenAI, which proved to always either break even, or eke out an advantage with every small opening that Dendi gives it.

Dendi loses Game 1, and attempts a different style in Game 2 – letting the first wave crash onto OpenAI’s towers. This did not work at all, as OpenAI just ended up getting First Blood again, forcing Dendi to gg out.

While it may seem very trivial for a bot to defeat a pro player, this is a different case. OpenAI is a generic, self-learning AI that was tested to play DotA, albeit under specific constraints (SF 1v1 mid). This implies that they are able to actually create a self-learning machine, given the right constraints. It looks great for the computing world, but I would honestly love to avoid a possible Skynet mishap.

Two New Heroes

After the OpenAI segment ended, people started heading out of the arena as the day seemed to be over. However, the following hero reveal clip played:

In what was not one, but two hero reveals, we see a Rapier-wielding Pangolin (it’s not an Armadillo!). Just when we thought it was over, the Sylph hero comes out as well (name not confirmed) – the Sylph hero was data mined and posted initially on Reddit. I’m personally cautiously excited, as new heroes always bring variety to the game.

Day 5 Standings

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