Day 4 features three elimination matches in the Lower Brackets, all Best of 3s. Fan favorites Team Liquid and OG both seek to avoid elimination.

Team Liquid vs Team Empire

Result: 2-0 (Winner: Team Liquid)

Team Liquid caught on Resolut1on’s Sven, which was very key in Empire’s victory against EG. Team Liquid was able to beat out the CIS aggressive lanes with a splitpushing Broodmother in the first game, and a Huskar-Oracle combo in the second game. If not going for the splitpush, Team Liquid always has the Huskar pick ready, and this makes it very difficult for teams to draft against.

The winner of this series looks to have a long day as they must play another elimination series against Virtus Pro.

Player of the Series: MATUMBAMAN


Result: 2-0 (Winner: LGD)

OG yet again face elimination, but are no strangers to the lower bracket, being able to pull off a win against the Winner’s Bracket Finalist VP in the Kiev Majors. OG looked to pick Magnus out of Old Eleven’s hands, giving it to s4, Son of Magnus. However, the perennial Major champions eventually fall to LGD, not being able to fully utilize the Magnus deny, as LGD.Maybe shows why he’s considered one of the best midlaners in the world.

Player of the series: Maybe (aka Somnus M)

Team Liquid vs Virtus Pro

Result: 2-1 (Winner: Team Liquid)

Looking to eliminate both CIS teams in one day, Team Liquid look to fight the surging Virtus Pro. Game 1 was a 100+ minute thriller, with Team Liquid looking very strong out of the gates, but Virtus Pro being able to hold until the very end. Team Liquid played a very smart splitpush game, and ended up baiting their heroes for VP’s base.

In game 2, Virtus Pro showed their aggression, running Viper at mid, and No[o]ne poisoning Team Liquid after giving Miracle- a very tough mid matchup.

Team Liquid turned things around in Game 3, putting MATUMBAMAN on Venomancer mid, giving Miracle space on Anti-Mage. Team Liquid has shown time and time again that they are able to run Miracle on a hard carry, with MATUMBAMAN soaking all the pressure at mid with picks such as Lone Druid, Venomancer, and Ursa.

Player of the series: MATUMBAMAN

All Star Series: Team Radiant vs Team Dire

This year’s All-Star match is something different – Valve decided to go for a serious approach, putting $100,000 USD on the line to the winning team. On paper, this looked very promising, giving 10 voted players a chance to play seriously with players from other teams. However, the idea proved to not be the best, as the All-Star match quickly looked like a disaster. Players did not want to expend too much energy, as some of them had games to play in the next day. They also likely would not have liked to reveal strategies, leading to questionable picks and role swaps.

Combined with some production mishaps, and an annoying cretin in the crowd screaming ‘waow’, the game just seemed like a random high MMR pub game, with Suma1L’s Earthshaker plays and n0taiL’s shenanigans being the highlights of the match.

Player of the match: n0taiL. His team lost but hey, he made it entertaining.

Day 4 Standings

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