It’s halfway through The International and we’re looking at a clearer picture – Chinese teams are doing fantastic. However, Day 3’s matches showcase a rerun of last year’s Lower Bracket matches – TNC vs OG, and DC vs LGD.


Result: 0-2 (Winner: OG)

Last year, OG’s surprising early exit was caused by a spunky TNC squad. This year, on the exact same day, they face each other again – however OG had the upper hand and easily got the 2-0 against the ghosts of their past. TNC’s teamwork was tested and did not look to stand a chance against the 4 time Major champions.

Player of the Series: ana


Result: 0-2 (Winner: LGD)

Yet another rematch from last year’s TI. LGD looked strong coming into the tournament, but were dropped to the Lower Bracket by the surging VP. With an entirely different DC squad, LGD took control and ended two very quick games, surviving Abed’s Meepo. LGD’s Magnus pick has been unanswered thus far, with Old Eleven showing great mastery and success with it.

Player of the series: Maybe (or Somnus M)

Newbee vs IG

Result: 2-1 (Winner: Newbee)

IG was considered one of the weaker Chinese teams, so it was a surprise that they took down one of the favorites in Team Liquid in Day 1. However, they still gave Newbee a run for their money behind Boboka’s Earth Spirit. Newbee, however, prove to still be the better team, finishing the series with brilliant plays by Sccc

Player of the series: Sccc

LFY vs Virtus Pro

Result: 2-0 (Winner: LFY)

To some teams, VP looked very strong in the meta. They placed 2nd in the Kiev majors, eventually falling to OG in a 5 game thriller. However, LFY looked the strongest coming into TI. VP liked drafts that allowed for early relentless aggression, and this also meant that they would lose fast if they did not get their way. LFY showed they were far superior, holding off VP’s aggression and avenging their sister team LGD.

Player of the series: Monet

Rubick vs Pudge

Possibly the highlight of the day. Rubick and Pudge were the grand finalists in the Arcana Showdown. I was obviously rooting for Rubick to win.

The fight proved to be VERY close, with the winner edging by only by 8711 votes. Unfortunately, the Butcher won yet another hat, and now we’ll see our pub games rampant with Pudge.

Winner: Pudge

Day 3 Standings