A day of heartbreaking games. Day 2 finishes off the two other Upper Bracket series, and two elimination Lower Bracket series.


Result: 2-0 (Winner: LFY)

LFY’s win comes with no surprise, finishing with a group stage best record of 14-2 after getting through the Chinese qualifiers. Showing extremely well coordinated teamfighting, LFY looks like the team most favored by this meta – with a penchant for finding the right teamfights and engages. Look out forĀ inflame‘s Nature’s Prophet, which should look to be either banned out or picked away from him.

TNC put up a great fight, in Game 1, showing that the SEA teams are nothing to scoff at. However, LFY players knew how to abuse their mobility to find and catch out straying TNC members. With Puck and Nightstalker to combo with the Nature’s Prophet in Game 1, and the Kunkka in Game 2, LFY quickly dismantled TNC before they could get going.

Player of the series: ah fu

Virtus Pro vs LGD

Result: 2-0 (Winner: VP)

With all the Chinese teams looking strong, VP was the last bastion of hope for teams outside of China. Coming off a great run in the Kiev Majors, only losing to OG in a crazy grand finals, VP looked absolutely amazing with their unmatched aggression, quickly dropping LGD to the Lower Bracket in a combined 53 minutes. Both games lasted 24 and 29 minutes respectively, with No[o]ne having an extremely dominant Lina in Game 1, and Ramzes showing us a playmaking Faceless Void in Game 2.

Player of the series: Ramzes666

Team Liquid vs Team Secret

Result: 2-1 (Winner: Team Liquid)

A battle of old teammates – the anticipated KuroKy vs Puppey matchup came with an unfortunate end as the former Na’Vi teammates look to survive elimination. Team Secret came running out the gates with Puppey’s Spirit Breaker that set the tone from the start of the game, giving Miracle a hard time and taking a dominating Game 1 win.

Team Liquid, however, showed why they were one of the favorites coming into TI7, with Miracle popping off in Game 2 and 3, even buying a Divine Rapier on his Alchemist to seal the game. GH showed how valuable his playmaking was as well, quickly controlling the game on Nightstalker in Game 2, and KotL in Game 3.

Player of the series: Miracle

Team Empire vs EG

Result: 2-0 (Winner: Team Empire)

The series that broke most fans’ hearts. EG did not look like their usual selves at all. Game 1 was arguably a drafting horror as they picked Phantom Lancer into Earthshaker, which quickly became worse as Team Empire closed their drafts with Sven and Ember Spirit, who built up a Maelstrom that just made our boy Arteezy ineffective the whole match. While they may have had their reasons for the pick, it certainly did not pan out, as other carries would likely have performed better.

Game 2 looked a bit more promising, with Suma1L having a great Puck game. However, that was quickly shut down by Resolut1on‘s Sven and fn’s Mirana.

Team Liquid may want to consider banning that Sven now when they face Team Empire, as Resolut1on seems to have great success on it.

Player of the series: Resolut1on

Day 2 Standings

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