Warning: Spoilers for TI ahead. We’ll be recapping at the end of every day of TI.

Team Liquid vs IG

Result 1:2 (Winner: IG)

Team Liquid came into TI strong off a win at Epicenter 2017, commanding the top seed in Group A, and quickly becoming one of the favorites to win. However, IG showed up with better execution, dismantling Team Liquid with amazing execution. In both victories, they ran a disable heavy composition that allowed them to keep catching Liquid players, and just suffocating them with superior map control.

Liquid did choose IG to match against, however they were not able to pull the W.

Xss, the young 17 year old, had an amazing showing, getting setup kills in Game 1 and had most kills in the game as Earthshaker in Game 3.

Player of the series: IG.xss

EG vs Newbee

Result: 0-2 (Winner: Newbee)

The Manila Masters rematch, EG were one of the favorites coming into TI as well. With EG looking poised to win their second TI since 2015 and being the fan favorites, nobody expected them to drop 0-2. Both games were very winnable by the boys in blue, however Newbee executed their drafts better, with Sccc leading the way as their star player.

As casters have mentioned, Newbee plays more of a Western style in the sense that Sccc is given a lot more resources to work with, as opposed to the Chinese style Dota that has more focus on teamfighting as a unit.

Player of the series: Newbee.Sccc

Team Secret vs Execration

Result: 1-0 (Winner: Team Secret)

Not a surprising result – Team Secret were also looking very strong coming into TI. With a very diverse group of players, Team Secret looked to move forward in the Lower Bracket. Led by MidOne’s aggressive playmaking prowess and Puppey’s captaining, Team Secret quickly had their way with KheZu’s Batrider initiations.

Player of the series: KheZu

Team Empire vs Cloud 9 (Formerly Team NP)

Result: 1-0 (Winner: Team Empire)

This elimination match was a heartbreak for EE-sama fans.

Team NP recently announced they will be representing Cloud 9 for The International, making all the meme machines come true as all members of Team NP used to play under the C9 banner. With the most recent addition of FATA, Team NP looked quite capable of making a deep playoff run, but quickly found themselves in the LB after group stages.

Empire, on the other hand, gained Resolut1on as a stand-in for Chappie, who faced visa issues coming into The International. Resolut1on‘s team Planet Odd (last year’s Digital Chaos) failed to qualify for The International 2017, after a dark horse second place finish last year, knocking out EG in the Lower Bracket.

The match featured EE on Arc Warden – something we’ve never seen before. The crowd cheered as Cloud 9 selected Zet, the Arc Warden, and the panel speculated that this was a pocket pick that Cloud 9 have been reserving for a clinching match or an elimination match.

The game was very close, up until the 47 minute mark where Empire won a 4 for 0 teamfight. Everything went downhill for Cloud 9 then.

Player of the series: Resolut1on

OG vs Infamous

Result: 1-0 (Winner: OG)

Coming off two Major wins (a full sweep for this year), OG looked yet again the favorites to  take it all. However, they quickly had one of the most surprising group stage results – dropping to the Lower Bracket. Just one win off a tiebreak for a spot in the Upper Bracket, OG faced elimination against the South American team.

However OG proved to be the better team, quickly amassing a lead over Infamous. With First Blood spilling even before the horn, OG cruised to a victory, with JerAx’s playmaking on Tusk, and Ana’s Invoker.

Player of the series: ana

Digital Chaos vs IG.Vitality

Result: 1-0 (Winner: DC)

If you haven’t been closely following the team name shuffle, Digital Chaos this year is not last year’s team (now Planet Odd) – this year’s DC comprises of Team Onyx, which was formed this year with mason, Abed, BuLba, DuBu, and FoREv.

IGV is arguably the weakest China team in TI. The only one to end in the lower bracket, even fans on Weibo was not confident that they would take a win over DC.

Abed shows that he’s worthy of his 10k MMR, racking in 17 kills and stifling any chance for IGV to gain momentum. Paparazi‘s Sven was locked down – ending in a 1-7 and never hitting a power spike that could have allowed them to get back in the game.

Player of the Series: Abed

Day 1 Standings

All of the Chinese Teams (bar IGV) look really strong, beating favorites Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses, sending them to the lower bracket.