As CIS players, what is your opinion on the massive CIS shuffle?

A lot of new blood came into the CIS scene so right now it’s kind of a mess. The CIS scene is obviously not doing so well but I am sure with time we will get better and the CIS scene will get better.

Speaking of CIS, you seem to be able to form teams with new younger players often. How do you scout these new players?

I mean first of all it’s obviously matchmaking, you’re playing against other guys and you can see how good they are at a certain hero or how good their micro skills or communication is. The other part is looking at Tier 2 tournaments and even online qualifiers. Obviously everyone was looking at GPK, he was a superstar at this qualifiers and everyone wanted him.

What are your thoughts on the changes in 7.23 and all the new mechanics that came in?

I would say that right now it has certain timings where every hero can get some items. There is no way if you’re a good player to not have net worth or experience but obviously it still comes to team execution, draft execution, and game execution. It’s not like we have a lot of new stuff and we have to play the game differently. It’s still the same game, we have to do the same stuff – destroy towers, kill Roshan, kill throne. It’s still the same.

What do you feel about neutral item drops?

I feel like it’s a cool addition to the game. You need to have a good thought process when you get these items, what item is good, what item is better, because some items are super questionable but they’re still usable. I think that’s the best part about these items. When 7.00 came out with talents, I thought about it and you can control the flow of the game with this. IceFrog can do the same pretty much with these neutral items. He has the ability to create a new game in the same game.

Is there a difference between SEA pubs and CIS pubs?

For some reason it’s harder to find a game here, I feel in CIS we have way more players. The games I found were pretty fun because people for some reason love to play with pro players I guess. They will start like doing funny stuff like screaming into the microphone. They’re playing but they’re still having fun. It’s not even about play style, more mentality. In CIS people are more clowny, if they don’t like a game they might just say “I don’t like this game, I will throw, GG” and destroy their items. But in SEA people will have fun, scream at microphone, do some weird stuff, but still have fun. They’re still trying to win but in their own way.

Will we ever see your long hair again?

I have no reason to do or not do it. If I do it, it will come for sure.