Update (13th Jan), Ohaiyo has confirmed that he has indeed left Fnatic:

Sources have confirmed that Ohaiyo has been removed from Fnatic today, shortly after qualifying for the ESL One Katowice Major. Universe has also been reported to already be in Malaysia, staying not far away from the Fnatic team house.  Ohaiyo was the last remaining member of the original Malaysian Fnatic squad that debuted in 2015.

Mineski Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Kenchi Yap expressed his outrage over the situation:

Back in January 3, there was already speculation in the DotA 2 community that Universe was slated to join a SEA team, in a tweet from Sneyking:

The removal of Ohaiyo definitely comes at a very questionable timing – Fnatic have rebuilt earlier in the year, adding Jacky ‘EternaLEnVy’ Mao, and  Johan ‘pieliedie’ Åström from Team NP in a move to a different region. In an interview on VPGame, Ohaiyo said “I’m pretty confident with the new roster”.

They have also recently found their groove with the addition of Abed in the mid lane, having just qualified for the SEA Qualifiers to the ESL One Katovice Major earlier today. Unfortunately, what has been Ohaiyo’s team of almost 3 years has now replaced him.

There is much speculation as to why the move was made – and while we can trust that it was made in the best interests of the majority involved, it definitely is a sad event for Malaysian DotA fans.

Pro Circuit Implications

Under EG, Universe was able to gain 255 Circuit Points, which would have put any team with 0 Circuit Points at 11th place. By joining Fnatic, their ranking goes up from a tied 11th place with 202.5 Circuit Points, to a sole 9th place with 390 Circuit Points, just outside of the top 8 teams as of this writing. With this move, they have a chance to overtake OG and break the top 8 by placing at least 2nd in the upcoming ESL One Genting Minor