ESL Genting Day 2 ended off with 4 more teams eliminated, and so far, the fastest and longest games of the whole Minor.

Shortest Game: Mineski vs LFY – 18:09. I’ve never seen a match so one-sided before. Mineski were in control from the beginning of the game. Nana completely denies the Shadow Fiend at mid, and Mineski create enough space for Mushi to get 71 CS @ 10 minutes.

Longest Game: Fnatic vs Vici Gaming – 91:36. Probably one for the books. Fnatic get mega creeps, but Vici Gaming were able to hold for a good 30 minutes before eventually losing out.

Eliminated: LGD.ForeverYoung, PENTA eSports, compLexity Gaming, Fnatic.

Day 3 starts tomorrow at 12pm GMT+8, with the following schedule:

Look for the streams at:

Group B LB Semifinals 1 (12pm)

Na`Vi vs Mineski

A revitalized Na`Vi look to survive against the reigning kings of SEA – Mineski. Mineski, having won the PGL Open Bucharest and currently sitting tied with VG at 5th place in Circuit Points, look poised to win, as their standard games look much cleaner than Na`Vi’s. However, they’ve had shaky drafts at times, and Na`vi seems to be showing sparks of improvement.

Prediction: Na`Vi 0-2 Mineski

Group B LB Semifinals 2 (12pm)

TNC Pro Team vs Evil Geniuses

Definitely a toss-up at this point. EG don’t seem comfortable with their new lineup as of yet, and while TNC has been looking relatively strong, they have stagnated since we saw them surge in the scene. Look out for Cr1t’s Tusk as it has been an absolutely good pick for them, as well as Arteezy finding some success by virtue of having more farm funneled with Sumail moving in the offlane.

Prediction: TNC 1-2 EG

Group A UB Finals (3:30pm)

Team Secret vs Virtus Pro

Two powerhouses – Team Secret have looked a lot stronger lately, especially with the addition of Ace and Fata. The biggest focus is on the mid lane, with both No[o]ne and MidOne being amazing midlaners for their teams that control tempo.

Prediction: Team Secret 2-1 VP

Group A LB Finals (3:30pm)

VGJ.Thunder vs Loser of Group A UB Finals (VP or Secret)

Following the previous prediction, VGJ.Thunder will likely face off VP. While VGJ.Thunder have been looking great, I don’t think any team currently comes close to the top 4 (Secret/Liquid/VP/Newbee). I’m calling a sweep for VP here.

Prediction: VGJ.Thunder 0-2 Virtus Pro

Group B LB Finals

Winner of Mineski vs Na`Vi vs Winner of TNC vs EG

Probably going to be Mineski vs EG, I think that Mineski takes the W here. Mineski’s support duo has shown flashes of absolute dominance when they get their comfort picks – they’re everywhere. Meanwhile Misery is new to this EG roster, and should take some more time to gel with Cr1t. It will be close, though.

Prediction: Mineski 2-1 EG

Group B UB Finals

The TI Grand Finals rematch. Team Liquid vs Newbee

This matchup seems to be becoming an instant classic. Liquid still look very strong, especially in a very tempo based meta. They also have this very strong tendency to take very early 5 mans that just tilt the tempo of the game to favorable conditions, even if they don’t do so well in the laning phase. Newbee should not be discounted though, this will also be a close match.

Prediction: Team Liquid 2-1 Newbee