The China Supermajor

The China Supermajor is underway and has been living up to expectations so far.

PGL has been doing an amazing job so far, and there’s a ton more DotA to watch. Check out the remaining schedule below after Day 1:

Confirmed TI Invites

With Optic and TNC dropping to the lower bracket, the scenarios of Mineski, Newbee, and Vici Gaming being eliminated from the Top 8 DPC rankings have been avoided, as either team has to eliminate each other in the LB before the Semi-Finals. Congratulations to the following teams for securing their TI invites (WOO MINESKI!):

Changes for DPC for 2018-2019 Season

Valve has recently explained changed rules for the upcoming DPC season in their blog (Read Here)

Key Takeaways:

  • DPC Points are now team-based, not player based. Removing a player penalizes the team by 20% of their current points.
  • There are no more roster locks. Teams are free to change rosters whenever they wish, however must not make changes to the roster once TI invitations and qualifiers have started.
  • Conflict of Interest – Teams from the same organization cannot concurrently join The International 2019, but can still join all Minors and Majors leading up to TI. This includes possible ties by players with other teams (current example is Fly and OG)
  • No more direct invites to Minors and Majors. This has been a change asked for as some teams are deemed to be invited due to popularity, instead of strength. Both can be very subjective, and this new system reduces biases.
  • Minors must have at least 8 teams, and at least 1 qualifier per region, and majors must have at least 16 teams, and at least 2 qualifier slots per region.
  • All teams qualified for Minors and Majors will earn DPC Points.
  • Minors and Majors will now be held in pairs. This is similar to the CS:GO system and would help teams in choosing which tournaments to attend, as Major qualifiers come before Minor qualifiers. However teams also have the option to attend both still, per pair.

Short Film Contest

As is tradition, the submissions for the Short Film Contest have opened, for clips 90 seconds or less. Every year, the competition raises the bar, however, content creator Maxime Lebled has won First Place three years in a row.

Here is last year’s winner, “What Does a Hero Truly Fear?”

The short film contest allows content creators to showcase their talent and release awesome content. We’re looking forward to this year’s entries.