ONE Esports officially announced the ONE Esports Singapore Major, scheduled for 20-28 June, 2020. It will be held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium. With $1,000,000 and 15,000 DPC points on the line, the Singapore Major will be the first official Valve-sanctioned Dota 2 event in Singapore. (The notorious GESC Singapore does not count)

It’s great that Singapore is finally getting a Major, especially since we’ve seen them happen just nearby (Manila, Kuala Lumpur). With many Dota fans in Southeast Asia, Singapore should be a great destination to enjoy this event.

Concerns on Ticket Pricing

In 2015, KeyTV hosted the Nanyang Championship in Singapore, featuring teams such as Team Secret, Team Liquid, and Fnatic to name a few. However, ticket sales were quite poor – due to the price ($129 onwards, $269 for SVIP, and a whopping $859 for BVIP):

Nanyang Championship 2015 Ticket Prices

The ONE Esports Singapore World Pro Invitational (which starts tomorrow) had slightly better pricing, with Cat 3 going for $78.40 (Originally $98). Their limited-time sale is still on one day before the event days, which likely means demand died down before selling out. As of 3pm Thursday, they still have open tickets for every category for the weekend.

Ultimately if Singaporeans consider these tickets expensive in their own country, ONE really needs to put more thought in making ticket prices accessible if they want to fill the Indoor Stadium.

SEA Support

On the flip side – to Singaporeans (and some extent, ASEAN neighbors): please support the event by attending (if prices are within a reasonable range). We’re finally getting what we wanted all along – a major esports event in Singapore. The success of this event will likely be a big factor for Tournament Organizers in their decision making whether to host events here in the future.

This is definitely an event I’m not gonna miss out on. If you’re planning to attend and meet up I’d love to chat about Dota! Hit me up @marquistan on Twitter